Villa sold for Dhs61.5 million in Dubai’s Al Wasl District

by Staff Reporter
Villa sold for Dhs61.5 million in Dubai’s Al Wasl District

A new milestone has been reached in Dubai’s real estate sector with the sale of a villa for Dhs61.5 million in the Al Wasl District, setting a fresh benchmark for luxury properties in this esteemed locality.

Crafted by Nordic by fäm Real Estate Development, this sale not only marks the highest price ever achieved in the district but also underscores the distinctive charm of what Firas Al Msaddi, CEO of fäm Group, refers to as the “downtown villas of Dubai.”

This exceptional community boasts the nearest freehold villas to iconic Dubai landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Jumeirah, Al Wasl Canal, Sheikh Zayed Road, and DIFC, welcoming buyers from all corners of the globe.

Freehold villas in Dubai

Remarkably, over 95% of Dubai’s population is unaware that freehold villas are available to all nationalities in this central area, rendering these properties a rare and sought-after opportunity in the real estate landscape.

The latest offering from Nordic by fäm, a villa priced at Dhs76 million, is part of a collection of ultra-luxurious, sleekly designed residences tailored to a discerning clientele.

These residences distinguish themselves in a market where comparable luxury homes are valued around Dhs50 million, showcasing Nordic by fäm’s dedication to delivering exceptional value and design.

Al Wasl District

The Al Wasl District community, though ungated, maintains robust security through regular patrols while offering minimal service charges — a noteworthy feature considering its prime location.

Homeowners benefit from significant flexibility in customizing their properties within reasonable guidelines set by the local authority, DDA, without the hassle of lengthy approvals or extra fees to the master developer, Dubai Holding’s Meraas.

Nordic by fäm is seizing upon an identified market niche for minimalist luxury properties with their innovative Nordic initiative. Their Scandinavian-inspired designs, eschewing traditional opulence, are gaining traction, as evidenced by the record-breaking sale of the initial villa.

Ultra-luxury villas worth Dhs1 billion

The developer is poised to continue this momentum with plans to create ultra-luxury villas worth Dhs1 billion, featuring architecture emphasizing minimalism and incorporating premium materials like natural wood from Finland and European aluminum glazing.

As Dubai garners global acclaim for its vibrant real estate sector, Nordic by Fäm leads the charge, reshaping luxury and establishing fresh benchmarks in design and transparency in the market. This development isn’t just about crafting high-end residences but also about providing an unparalleled lifestyle in the heart of Dubai.

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