Union Coop offers up to 60% discount on 2,000 items in June 2024

by Staff Reporter
Union Coop offers up to 60% discount on 2,000 items in June 2024

Dr. Suhail Al Bastaki, the Chief Community Relations Officer at Union Coop, announced the allocation of five promotional campaigns during June 2024.

These campaigns will offer discounts of up to 60% on 2,000 selected items, aiming to delight consumers and offer high-quality products at competitive prices, in line with the cooperative’s community initiatives.

Dr. Al Bastaki explained that Union Coop launches weekly and monthly promotional campaigns to bring joy to consumers, ensuring substantial discounts that meet the needs of community members.

He highlighted that the cooperative has dedicated numerous diverse and comprehensive campaigns, with the first campaign starting at the beginning of this month and continuing with others until the end of June 2024. Additionally, Union Coop has planned a special campaign for Eid Al-Adha, featuring promotional offers on a range of the most consumed food and non-food items.

Dr. Al Bastaki added that Union Coop is committed to reducing the prices of essential items most frequently purchased by shoppers, including vegetables, fruits, juices, water, dairy products, meats, sweets, spices, rice, oil, and more.

He noted that the cooperative regularly devises carefully planned marketing strategies to ensure widespread benefit, aligning with their pioneering initiatives to provide various options for consumers to enjoy an exceptional shopping experience.

He also mentioned that consumers can take advantage of these campaigns by visiting one of the branches or shopping centers spread across the Emirate of Dubai or through their smart mobile application, which allows consumers to benefit from all announced offers, aiming to achieve community happiness for everyone.


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