Union Coop offers up to 60% discount on 3,000 items in December

by Staff Reporter
Union Coop offers up to 60% discount on 3,000 items in December

Renowned retail establishment, Union Coop, headquartered in Dubai, has announced a series of promotional campaigns throughout December, featuring noteworthy discounts of up to 60% on a carefully curated selection of 3,000 items.

These promotions are applicable across all Union Coop branches in Dubai, extending to the convenience of online shoppers through its sophisticated smart online store.

Initiated on the first day of the current month, the promotional activities align strategically with the celebratory events surrounding the 52nd National Day. Union Coop’s commitment to consumer satisfaction, addressing their diverse needs, and delivering superior quality products at competitive prices underscores the essence of these initiatives, in consonance with its overarching community-centric objectives.

The December campaign stands out for its comprehensiveness and diversity, emphasizing winter and camping essentials, in addition to discounted offerings on select consumer goods, food items, and non-food products, thereby ensuring accessibility and benefit for all.

Highlighted categories within the December campaign covers reductions on a wide array of products, ranging from frozen foods, meats, and poultry to barbecue and garden supplies.

The promotion also extends to include carefully chosen varieties of vegetables, fruits, juices, water, dairy products, sweets, spices, rice, oil, perfumes, children’s toys, cosmetics, and various other food and consumer products, tailored to cater to the desires and needs of the discerning consumers.

Adding to the convenience of Union Coop’s clientele, all December promotions are seamlessly accessible through its smart online store, providing a technologically advanced and user-friendly platform. The online store not only facilitates ease of access but also offers exclusive services and advantages, aimed at elevating the overall shopping experience for its valued patrons.


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