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UAE tax authorities upgrade online services

Tax 10 was built to incorporate the latest technologies

by Staff Reporter
UAE tax authorities upgrade online services

Federal Tax Authority launches its digital innovation platform ‘Tax 10’ to encourage professional excellence and creativity

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has launched its digital innovation platform named “Tax 10,” designed to strengthen and encourage innovation, excellence, and professional creativity among its employees, as well as to upgrade its services, drive sustainable development, enhance corporate and individual performance, and promote a culture of innovation.

The Authority stated that the new platform was built to incorporate the latest technologies and smart programmes used in the field, in an effort to create a framework that encourages the active participation of all FTA employees in designing and developing future tax initiatives, or projects in other areas related to the Authority’s operational and service systems.

The platform includes a rich digital observatory featuring more than 3,000 international government innovation practices, documented and classified into 15 different categories, including tax and financial innovations, government services, and future skills.

Tax 10 platform

The FTA indicated that the Tax 10 platform for innovation was launched during an introductory seminar attended by Khalid Ali Al Bustani, Director General of the Federal Tax Authority, with the FTA team from all sectors joining.

The seminar introduced the new platform, its contents, procedures, and the incentives it offers to innovative employees.

The session also highlighted a set of topics related to innovation tools, the Authority’s innovation roadmap, and ways for FTA employees to effectively participate in future innovation plans in order to keep pace with the rapid technological development in the tax field.

The authority stressed the importance of launching the Tax 10 digital innovation platform to support its strategy to accelerate its innovation and digital transformation by promoting and adopting the best and most advanced international practices in the field of taxation and financial services.

The Federal Tax Authority explained that the new platform is the first of its kind in the region, and is expected to drive a major shift in the Authority’s innovation tools and activities by stimulating creative ideas, discovering and developing employees’ capabilities and talents, and adopting innovative methods to ensure sustainable financial diversification for the UAE and its future generations.


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