UAE issues security alert for Apple, Google Chrome users

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UAE issues security alert for Apple, Google Chrome users

The UAE authorities issued a vital message to protect residents using Apple devices and Google Chrome. They want to make sure you’re safe online.

Security Alert for Google Chrome and Apple Devices

The Cyber Security Council (CSC) warned about “high-risk” issues in the Google Chrome browser. These problems could let bad actors do harmful things to your computer or phone. It’s like making sure your doors are locked to keep out intruders.

Apple users, those with iPhones and iPads, got a similar message. UAE authorities said there are issues in iOS systems. If hackers figure them out, they could take control of your device, which is not good.

Here’s the simple solution: Update your systems. It’s like installing a security system for your home. Make sure you have the latest versions of everything. This way, you’re ready to face any online challenges and keep your digital life safe.

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