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UAE national, Indian expat become dollar millionaires in Dubai Duty Free draw

by Staff Reporter
UAE national, Indian expat become dollar millionaires in Dubai Duty Free draw

In a glitzy event held at Dubai International Airport’s Concourse A, two individuals from diverse backgrounds were catapulted into the realm of millionaires as the latest winners of the Dubai Duty Free (DDF) Millennium Millionaire and Finest Surprise draw were unveiled.

Mohammed Al Shehi, a proud Emirati national residing in the UAE, emerged as one of the lucky winners, clinching the monumental $1 million prize in the Millennium Millionaire Series 454. Al Shehi’s winning ticket, number 2637, was snatched up during an online purchase on March 10th, marking a momentous occasion as he became the 14th Emirati to bask in the glory of this prestigious award since the promotion’s inception in 1999.

Joining him in the spotlight was Mohammad Jamal Ilmi, an Indian expatriate calling Dubai home. Ilmi’s ticket, number 0121, purchased on February 27th while en route to Madrid, Spain, secured his place among the millionaire ranks in the Millennium Millionaire Series 453. His win adds to the impressive tally of 226 Indian nationals who have tasted success in the Millennium Millionaire promotion, highlighting the vibrant participation of the Indian community in this grand event.

As the winners await the life-changing news, anticipation fills the air, promising to transform their lives in unimaginable ways.

Amidst the celebration of newfound wealth, Sunil Nayyar, an Indian expatriate residing in Abu Dhabi, was also honored during the event. Nayyar, a seasoned participant in the DDF promotion for 15 years, was recognized for his victory in the previous Millennium Millionaire Series 452, where he secured a staggering $1 million prize with ticket number 0971, purchased online on February 21st.

The excitement didn’t stop there as the Finest Surprise draw unfolded, offering a chance at luxury cars and motorbikes. Winners such as Nadeem Hassoun from Belarus, Ayoob Ali Ahmad Albastaki from Dubai, Sharafudheen Madambillath, an Indian expatriate, and Cecille Anne Holmans, a Filipino national, were among the fortunate few to walk away with prized possessions, further adding to the buzz and excitement of the evening.

As the winners expressed their gratitude and excitement, Dubai Duty Free’s remarkable promotion continues to captivate audiences, offering a glimmer of hope and prosperity amidst the bustling airport terminals, reaffirming its status as a beacon of opportunity in the heart of Dubai.


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