UAE becomes most popular visa destination for expat workers

by Staff Reporter
UAE becomes most popular visa destination for global workers

The UAE is the most popular country for international talent seeking employment visas, according to Annual Global Hiring Report by the HR platform Deel.

This marks a significant milestone for the UAE, solidifying its position as a leading global business hub and a magnet for skilled professionals worldwide. The UAE is followed by Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, and Singapore.

Deel’s Global Hiring Report

Deel’s latest Global Hiring Report is based on data and insights gathered from hundreds of thousands of global contracts across 160 countries revealing increased hiring trends by UAE based companies.


Notably, France, the United Arab Emirates, India, Turkey, and the United Kingdom were the top destinations for UAE recruiters. This trend underscores the UAE’s commitment to fostering a diverse and vibrant multinational workforce.

Top industries hiring the talent in UAE

The report also highlights the most popular industries driving this growth. Financial Services, IT & Services, Computer Software, Management Consulting, and Marketing & Advertising emerged as leading industries attracting international talent to the UAE.

Most popular job roles in UAE

The most sought-after roles in the UAE include Management Consultant, Content Manager, Software Engineer, Influencer Marketing Manager and Strategy Director, reflecting the dynamic and innovation-driven nature of the UAE economy.

Tarek Salam, Head of Expansion, Deel, said “The findings from our latest Global Hiring Report are a testament to the UAE’s remarkable transformation into a global business hub. The country’s commitment to talent, innovation, and a dynamic business environment is clearly resonating with international professionals and solidifying its position as a top hiring destination.”

He added: “The UAE’s diverse and multicultural workforce is its greatest asset. By attracting and retaining international talent, the country is positioning itself for continued economic growth and success in the global marketplace.”

International employment market

The annual report also highlighted how UAE professionals are increasingly creating their mark on the international employment market. The report indicated UAE talent is highly sought-after by companies in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

This demand is particularly strong in industries such as Computer Software, IT & Services, Financial Services, Marketing & Advertising, and Software Development, with roles such as Software Engineer, Sales Executive, Marketing Manager, Account Manager, and Full Stack Developer being particularly favored.

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