UAE truck owners risk up to Dhs10,000 fine if they violate rules

by Staff Reporter
UAE heavy vehicle owners risk Dhs10,000 fine

The UAE has established a comprehensive set of rules and penalties for those who fail to adhere to the requirements of the National Electronic System for Tracking Trucks and Shipments.

Heavy Fines for Truck Owners in UAE

The rules include seven specific violations, each with its corresponding fine.

1. Failure to Register: Those who do not register in the system by the specified deadline, which is October 31, 2023, will face a fine of Dhs1,000 for the first month and Dhs100 for each subsequent month. The maximum fine is set at Dhs5,000.

2. Late Registration: Violators who do not register within 60 days of the expiry date of their initial registration will be subject to a monthly fine of Dhs500, up to a maximum of Dhs2,500.

3. Data Update Delinquency: Failing to update registration data within 30 days of any changes will result in a monthly fine of Dhs500, with a maximum of Dhs2,500.

4. Incorrect Data Submission: Individuals or entities providing incorrect data during the registration process will incur a Dhs5,000 fine, with a maximum of Dhs10,000.

5. Tampering with Tracking Devices: Those who damage, remove, or tamper with the electronic tracking devices, or open shipments before they reach their intended destination, will be fined Dhs1,000, with a maximum penalty of Dhs5,000.

6. Unauthorized Route or Personnel Changes: Any changes to the truck’s route, driver, or the head of the truck without notifying the ICP will result in a fine of Dhs500, with a maximum of Dhs2,000.

7. Premature Loading or Unloading: A Dhs5,000 fine, with a maximum of Dhs10,000, will be imposed on anyone who loads or unloads the shipment before it reaches its intended destination.

Trucks Registration Process

For those who need to register in the system, the process is relatively straightforward.

Applicants, which include license holders or their legal representatives, can submit their registration application via the dedicated platform’s website (

This involves attaching the necessary documents and papers. Following the application, approval will be conveyed via email, and individuals can then proceed to have the approved tracking devices installed at designated centers.


The comprehensive registration process, with clear guidelines and associated penalties, underscores the importance of compliance with the National Electronic System for Tracking Trucks and Shipments, not only for the security and safety of trade but also for maintaining road security within the UAE.

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