UAE firm to revolutionise tourism for deaf tourists in the UAE

Amsaan Accessible Tours flagship feature is the 'Deaf for the Deaf' principle

by Staff Reporter
UAE firm to revolutionise tourism for deaf tourists in the UAE

Amsaan Accessible Tours, the first company specialising in organising unique tours for Deaf people in the MENA region, has emerged as a leading company in the tourism sector for People of Determination in the UAE.

The company’s flagship feature is the “Deaf for the Deaf” principle, where 80% of the staff are Deaf or hard of hearing. Leveraging a comprehensive ecosystem of modern IT solutions, Amsaan Accessible Tours offers tours with all information provided in sign language. The team caters to the psychology and needs of Deaf tourists, addressing the problems and barriers they encounter during their travels.

Deaf Tourists in UAE

International signs serve as a valuable tool to bridge the communication gap and foster understanding among Deaf individuals from various linguistic backgrounds. However, each country has its own sign language, such as Emirati Sign Language in the UAE and British Sign Language in the UK.

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 1.5 billion people worldwide live with partial or complete hearing loss. This highlights an untapped market potential and the pressing need to address the challenges faced by this significant population within the realm of travel and tourism.

National Tourism Strategy 2031

The UAE is among the top 10 global tourist destinations, and the National Tourism Strategy 2031 targets a GDP of $122.6 billion by 2031. Amsaan Accessible Tours is dedicated to playing a part in this economy by ensuring most facilities are Deaf-friendly, creating a comprehensible and safe travel infrastructure that mutually benefits the business ecosystem and deaf travellers. This ambition extends beyond the tourism sector, as the company endeavours to implement inclusive principles across critical domains such as transportation, healthcare, HoReCa, entertainment and numerous others.

Benny Ngo, who visited the UAE, shared his experience, saying, “Deaf people face barriers throughout their lives, even in the simplest everyday matters. The communication barrier deprives us of the opportunity to live and travel freely. We encounter difficulties at every stage of vacation planning. How do I explain to a sales agent what kind of tour I need? How do I get to the destination country? How will I communicate in a foreign country? We are hopeful that the travel industry will progressively offer inclusive solutions, leveraging technologies and access to create opportunities for an enriching travel experience for the Deaf community.”

Amsaan Accessible Tours Guide for Deaf Tourists

  • Deaf Guides for Group Tours: Transformative tours providing Deaf tourists opportunities to connect and explore in a supportive environment.
  • On-Demand Sign Language Interpreters: 24/7 access to interpreters for effective communication and prompt issue resolution during the trip.
  • Dedicated Mobile Application: Convenient access to tickets, itineraries, and local tips with an intuitive mobile application.

Commenting on the launch, Vitalii Mykhalchuk, CEO at Deaf-friendly solutions AMSAAN, stated, “We are creating a truly unique offering considering the specific needs of our tourists. Since 2020, we have been developing IT solutions for the Amsaan ecosystem in the UAE market, and the success of our tourism programs and flow will depend directly on productive cooperation with businesses and government departments. Increased awareness of the issues faced by Deaf individuals in society and the realisation that Deaf people want and can travel represent significant steps toward inclusivity.”


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