How RTA projects helped cut travel time on Dubai roads

by Tanvir Awan
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How RTA projects helped cut travel time on Dubai roads

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) successfully implemented key traffic improvements across various locations, resulting in tangible reductions in travel times.

Some notable road projects contributing to these time cuts include:

Al Asayel Street to Financial Centre Street exit

The free right exit from Al Asayel Street to Financial Centre Street towards Al Khail Road underwent an upgrade. The modification doubled the exit’s capacity from one lane to two, significantly enhancing traffic flow. Travel time from the Business Bay area to Financial Centre Street was reduced from 5 minutes to just 1 minute.

Al Fay Street Improvements

Substantial enhancements were made on Al Fay Street, including the addition of several lanes leading to the roundabout. Existing bridges were utilized to ease congestion and improve traffic circulation. The travel time for entering and exiting the Dubai Production District and Dubai Sports City District was halved.

Al Saba Street to Garn Al Sabkha Street exit

A free exit was introduced from Al Saba Street towards Garn Al Sabkha Street in the direction of Dubai Marina. This initiative resulted in a notable 60% reduction in congestion and travel times in the vicinity.

Umm Suqeim Street and Al Asayel Street Intersection

The free right exit from Al Asayel Street to Umm Suqeim Street was expanded, and a dedicated U-turn on Umm Suqeim Street was created. These measures reduced the travel time for exiting Al Barsha to Umm Suqeim Street enroute to Al Khail Road from 15 minutes to just 5 minutes.

Emirates Road Exit towards Maliha Street Intersection (Exit 71):

The exit was widened from two lanes to three, increasing its capacity from 4,000 vehicles per hour to 6,000 per hour. This upgrade significantly improved traffic circulation in the area, enhancing overall efficiency.

These specific road projects, among others, were part of the RTA’s Quick Traffic Improvements Plan, contributing to a reduction in travel times by up to 50% at certain locations and increasing road capacity by as much as 25%.

The success of these initiatives reflects the RTA’s commitment to addressing traffic challenges and improving overall transportation efficiency in Dubai.

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