Look: Dubai plants 500 trees daily on average

by Staff Reporter
Dubai plants 500 trees daily on average

Dubai Municipality successfully planted more than 185,000 trees in the Emirate in 2023 as part of its afforestation initiative, with an average of 500 trees daily, increasing the total green area by 234 hectares, up from 170 hectares in 2022.

This achievement highlights the municipality’s commitment to fostering sustainable development and preserving the environment for future generations. It seeks to increase green spaces in residential areas, and urban areas, as well as main and secondary roads and bridge intersections.

Dubai’s urban and architectural development

The initiative further places a major emphasis on enhancing air and soil quality, in addition to elevating the city’s aesthetic appeal.

Dawoud Al Hajri, Director-General of Dubai Municipality, emphasised that the municipality’s Green Dubai initiative is a year-round effort and adheres to comprehensive engineering and planning standards, which are in line with Dubai’s modern lifestyle and its urban and architectural development and supports the vision of the wise leadership in making Dubai the best city for living in the world.

He also stated that the initiative reflects the municipality’s efforts to increase green spaces, improve urban and natural environments, and promote environmental sustainability, thereby positioning Dubai as an aesthetically pleasing, sustainable, and appealing city.

Future Foresight Plan

In December 2023, Dubai Municipality announced the launch of its Future Foresight Plan which provides a roadmap for imagining, designing and building the emirate’s future through municipal work.

The plan is part of the municipality’s scope to create a sustainable, leading city of the future where quality of life is unparalleled.
The plan aims to position Dubai as a leader in innovation, societal well-being, and urban development. It seeks to leverage technology and societal development to create a vibrant and resilient urban environment powered by renewable energy and prioritising sustainable urban development and expanding green spaces. This plan will enable sustainable infrastructure, crisis resilience and enhanced quality of life.

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