Real estate sector offers over 300 jobs to UAE citizens

by Staff Reporter
Real Estate Day for Emiratis Employment

In line with the directives and visionary leadership that prioritise citizens and serve as the cornerstone of all growth plans, the Dubai Land Department (DLD) successfully concluded The Real Estate Day for Emiratis Employment 2024.

This event, held on March 4 at Address Sky View Hotel, in collaboration with the Emirati Human Resources Development Council – Dubai, the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation, and the Emirati Talent Competitiveness Council (Nafis), Community Development Authority and sponsored by Emaar, aimed to attract Emirati talents and competencies to join the real estate market.

Real Estate Day for Emiratis Employment

The Real Estate Day for Emiratis Employment saw the active involvement of 53 real estate firms, presenting more than 300 job openings across various domains within the industry. The event garnered notable enthusiasm from citizens keen on entering the workforce within the real estate sector, a pivotal economic domain in Dubai. This sector significantly contributes to the local GDP and is witnessing substantial expansion, underscoring the eagerness of Emiratis to partake in this vital economic arena.

His Excellency Engineer Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Chairman of the Human Resources Development Council in Dubai, said: “Our wise leadership’s vision has succeeded in making Dubai a destination for the leading real estate development companies and the skilled workforce in the sector. This has created diversity and distinction in the sector, making it one of the most important economic pillars of Dubai’s economy.

“From the beginning, the Council worked on building partnerships with the private and government sectors to provide Emiratis with quality opportunities that allow them to build a distinguished professional path. During my tour of the event and in my conversations with representatives of real estate companies and Emiratis, many opportunities emerged that await to be capitalized on by the national talents, especially since many of the real estate company owners we met are Emiratis who have achieved notable success stories. I invite Emiratis to explore the opportunities represented by the real estate sector and to benefit from these initiatives. We thank the Dubai Land Department and our partners from the private and government sectors for their role in making this initiative a success.”


Her Excellency Hessa bint Essa Buhumaid, Director General of Dubai’s Community Development Authority, expressed her satisfaction with the Real Estate Day for Emiratis Employment, noting the significant interest shown by citizens in the sector. She highlighted the importance of the real estate industry to them.

“In her statement, she mentioned that the Community Development Authority in Dubai invited job seekers with high school diplomas or higher who have a Tamkeen file with CDA, to participate in the day’s events. Additionally, stakeholders who meet the employment criteria set by Dubai Land Department were involved, contributing to the event’s success. She expressed eagerness for further collaboration with all entities in the emirate to continue supporting citizen empowerment across various sectors.”

For his part, His Excellency Ghannam Al Mazrouei, Secretary General of the Emirati Talent Competitiveness Council (ETCC), said: “The Real Estate Empowerment Program is one of the significant specialized initiatives, as outlined in our memorandum of understanding signed last year with the Emirati Human Resources Development Council and the Dubai Land Department.

“This collaboration aligns with the directives of H.H. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE Vice President, Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the Presidential Court, and Chairman of the ETCC’s Board of Directors. The ETCC is dedicated, through the “Nafis” program, to fostering partnerships that support endeavors to achieve Emiratisation targets in this thriving sector.”

Al Mazrouei emphasized on the ETCC’s commitment to participating in the Real Estate Day for Emiratis Employment 2024 and its associated workshops. The goal is to raise awareness about the Emiratisation strategy in the private sector to qualifying competent Emirati professionals who contribute to the development of the national economy through the real estate sector.

His Excellency Engineer Marwan bin Ghalita, Acting Director General of Dubai Land Department underscored the significance of the Real Estate Day for Emiratis Employment in promoting the integration of citizen competencies into the sector. He noted that the event successfully met its objectives by offering suitable job opportunities for Emirati men and women.

He emphasised the pivotal role of the real estate sector in supporting the national economy both presently and in the future. Furthermore, he highlighted the importance of fostering partnership and collaboration between the government and private sectors in advancing localisation efforts, aligning with wise leadership’s vision.


Bin Ghalita added: “This event is a testament to our dedication to fostering an environment conducive to Emirati talents’ continuous growth and development. It aligns with our commitment to supporting localisation strategies in accordance with the ambitious visions outlined in Dubai’s economic agenda D33, spearheaded by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

“This initiative aims to integrate 65,000 young Emiratis into the job market and promising sectors, thereby significantly enhancing our national economy. I extend an invitation to various relevant entities to sustain their collaboration and contribute to additional initiatives to strengthen our local capabilities and advance human resource development in the emirate.”

Her Excellency Farida Abdulla Al Ali, Assistant Undersecretary of National Human Resources Employment emphasised; “The remarkable success of the ‘Real Estate Day’ event, was marked by substantial engagement and job creation. It reflects the deeply-embedded Emiratisation culture and steadfast commitment of companies and citizens to its pivotal role in advancing the UAE’s strategic economic and social development.

“The Ministry and the NAFIS programme are committed to innovative initiatives in citizen employment and enhancing their engagement in key economic sectors. This commitment stems from a holistic perspective underscoring the significance of the unified efforts and collaboration among all governmental entities to realise the government’s ambitious Emiratisation agenda. Furthermore, this aligns with a comprehensive methodology employed by the Ministry in collaboration with other federal and local government bodies as well as the private sector to boost citizen employment and enhance the appeal of the job market for national talent.”

Her Excellency emphasised the pivotal role of the programme in promoting Emirati employment and engagement in the real estate sector, which is crucial to the UAE’s economy. She also highlighted the significant support provided to real estate entities, enabling them to achieve their Emiratization objectives. This assistance has led to a noticeable increase in Emirati employment across various sectors, thereby enhancing the overall employment landscape.

Moreover, in addition to benefiting Emiratis employed in the private sector, the NAFIS programme aims to improve the attractiveness for private sector positions, bridge the gap between the public and private sectors, and incentivise companies committed to Emiratization targets through financial rewards, improved rankings, priority in procurement systems, and other incentives.

On the sidelines of the Real Estate Day for Emiratis Employment, a workshop titled ‘Real Estate Tamkeen’ was organised in collaboration with the Emirati Human Resources Development Council – Dubai, the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation, and the Emirati Talent Competitiveness Council (Nafis).

The workshop aimed to enhance stakeholders’ knowledge and ensure compliance with laws and regulations related to the labor market. It also aimed to highlight government efforts in qualifying and empowering citizens in the private sector, with a focus on actively contributing to optimal investment in human capital and building real estate competencies that contribute to the development of the real estate sector in the emirate.

Dubai Land Department is making strides in empowering the real estate community and improving opportunities for national professionals in the emirate. This effort aims to involve them in its strategic vision to achieve global leadership in real estate investment while enhancing the sector’s readiness and sustainability.

The Real Estate Day for Emiratis Employment builds upon the accomplishments of the Tamkeen Real Estate Program, which was launched by the Emirati Human Resources Development Council – Dubai last year through an agreement with the Emirati Talent Competitiveness Council (Nafis) under the auspices of the Dubai Land Department. This initiative led to exceeding the localisation targets in Dubai’s real estate sector in 2023.

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