First Pakistani wins Dhs15 million in Emirates Draw EASY6

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Emirates draw winner

Emirates Draw revealed the details of its EASY6 Grand Prize Winner at a press conference held on Friday. Life has taken a remarkable turn for Pakistani UAE resident Mohammad Inam, the recipient of the epic Dhs15 million.

Inam’s exceptional win, occurred during a unique weekend with back-to-back wins by an EASY6 participant followed by one from FAST5 in the weekly “Games for All.”

Expressing joy for Mohammad Inam’s win, Paul Chader, Head of Commercial at Emirates Draw highlights: “Congratulations to Mohammad! Emirates Draw goes beyond mere numbers and winners. Our focus remains on creating a meaningful difference in people’s lives. The entire team is excited about this win, coincidentally occurring at the same time as last year’s first Grand Prize winner, Ajay Ogula. Confidence is high that this win will bring positive transformations not only to his life but also to those around him.”


Chader reiterated Emirates Draw’s continued dedication to the mission of giving back to the community through its Coral Reef Restoration Programme, aligning with the UAE government’s vision of sustainability. As well as supporting life transformations with its weekly prizes.

To date, Emirates Draw EASY6 celebrated more than 373,000 winners, awarding over Dhs63 million in prizes and perseverance in its commitment to transforming people’s lives “For A Better Tomorrow.” Committed to transforming people’s lives ‘For A Better Tomorrow’, the organisation will adhere to the UAE laws in disbursing the prize.

Who is Mohammad Inam, the Emirates draw winner

Mohammad Inam’s ties to the UAE were established before he was even born.

His father first arrived in the country in the 1970s, laying the foundation for future generations. Born and raised in Abu Dhabi, Inam discovered Emirates Draw social media in 2021 and has been playing consistently since, favouring FAST5 and EASY6 games.

The Senior Internal Audit Manager’s persistent efforts since 2021 paid off on December 15, 2023, when he became an overnight millionaire. Not watching the live shows, Inam initially thought the congratulatory phone call was a prank. Confirmation came through email and a published announcement in Khaleej Times, featuring the exact winning numbers he had randomly selected.

‘I though it is a prank call’

“I didn’t watch the Live shows, or check the app, so I had no idea I had won until I received the phone call, which I initially thought was a prank. After checking multiple times, I finally told my wife, who didn’t even know I had been playing Emirates Draw all this time! She was completely shocked and only believed me when I showed her the episode replay and my matching numbers on the app,” he explains.

Plans, hopes and dreams

Sharing his plans, Inam expressed gratitude for the win, stating, “I am a strong believer in destiny, and with this win, all my prayers have been answered and I can’t thank Allah enough, Alhamdulillah. The first thing I plan to do is perform Hajj with my family.”

Considering the UAE his home, Inam intends to invest in a property, securing a permanent residence.

With his sights set on the Dhs100 million Emirates Draw MEGA7 Grand Prize, Inam encourages players to “keep the hope alive, and one day you will win too.”

Emirates Draw EASY6

Emirates Draw EASY6, the game that changed Mohammad Inam’s life, is known for its simplicity, making it accessible for everyone.

Inam’s Dhs15 turned into a Dhs15 million Grand Prize, paving the way to a luxurious, easy life, and a brighter future for his family.


Inam’s story is a reminder that dreams can come true, especially during the festive season and end of year, a time of celebration and giving.

EASY6 is held every Friday, at 9 PM UAE time. To participate, tickets can be purchased for Dhs15 on Emirates Draw’s website or app.

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