Raindance Film School selects Motiongate Dubai as the ‘scariest destination’

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Motiongate Dubai, the scariest destination in Dubai

Raindance Film School hosted a Horror Film screening at Motiongate Dubai, the Middle East’s largest Hollywood-inspired theme park, which took place on November 1, 2023.

The first-of-its-kind screening showcased six Halloween-themed short films crafted by talented students from Raindance Film School using Motiongate Dubai’s Fright Nights: Volume VI activations as the setting, as it was chosen as the scariest destination in Dubai and the perfect setting for future filmmakers.

Motiongate Dubai, the scariest destination in Dubai

Motiongate Dubai’s welcomed Raindance Film School students to use the park for their film projects, highlights its commitment to nurturing emerging talent and fostering innovation in entertainment.

The project allowed students to direct films with minimal restrictions, encouraging them to explore the horror genre creatively.

Unique perspectives on Halloween

The screening delivered spine-tingling thrills and unique perspectives on Halloween, also painting the park in a new light, honouring its Hollywood theme and celebrating the film industry.

Amongst the student-crafted films, ‘Aurea’ was chosen as Motiongate Dubai’s Fright Nights: Volume VI ‘Hero’ video. The short film is the work of student director Aleeza Mogul, director of photography Aftab Yar Khan and actor/editor Akshath Anoop.

’Aurea’ can be watched on YouTube through this link. Guests can continue to enjoy Fright Nights: Volume VI until November 12.


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