Look: First Mercedes-Benz Brand Center opens in Dubai

by Staff Reporter
Mercedes-Benz Brand Center Dubai

Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Sports Council, on Friday attended the inauguration of the Mercedes-Benz Brand Center, the first of its kind in the region, in the Dubai Design District.

Mercedes-Benz Brand Center, Dubai Design District

The opening of the Brand Center is illustrative of the keenness of international companies from far and wide to enhance their investments in Dubai given its distinguished standing as a major global hub for trade and investment. Dubai’s world-class infrastructure as an enabler of a whole host of economic activities and its integrated legislative system that ensures the utmost transparency and reassurance continue to be major draws for investors and international companies looking to achieve rapid growth and expansion.

Mercedes-Benz Brand Center Dubai

The new facility highlights a longstanding partnership between the Gargash Group and Mercedes-Benz and the group’s commitment to the highest standards of excellence, quality, and innovation in the luxury automotive space. In addition, it represents a model for global collaborations involving Mercedes-Benz AG.

EQ, Maybach, AMG cars

The new facility showcases an array of the best Mercedes-Benz models, including EQ, Maybach, and AMG cars, in addition to the “Maybach Lounge,” an exclusive pavilion offering a 360-degree experience of personalisation options, from luxury finishes to bespoke customisation.

Mercedes-Benz Brand Center Dubai

Speaking on the occasion, Samir Gargash, Chairman of Gargash Group, said: “At Gargash Group, we have always prioritised trust, service excellence, and a forward-thinking mindset, aligning with the UAE’s visionary goals. The new Mercedes-Benz Brand Center signifies a momentous milestone for both Gargash Group and the automotive sector. It marks a bold leap into a future where customer experiences and interactions redefine industry standards and propel our growth and leadership as a business and a group.”

Gargash Group

Following the official opening of the new facility, Gargash Group held a grand celebration attended by many dignitaries, officials, and industry experts, including Britta Seeger, Member of the Board of Directors of Mercedes-Benz AG; and Michael Stroband, CEO and President of Mercedes-Benz Middle East. Among other activities, the event featured a dazzling display of cars ranging from classics and exclusive collections to rare limited editions and cutting-edge concept cars.

Mercedes-Benz Brand Center Dubai

Designed with meticulous attention to detail and a focus on sustainability, the Brand Center will engage customers and visitors through a thoughtfully curated seasonal programme that integrates events around lifestyle, design, arts, culture, technology, and automobiles, all under one roof.


The Brand Center is representative of Gargash Group’s dedication to setting industry standards while aligning with the UAE’s vision and offering a unique experiential journey blending art, design, technology, and automobiles.

Mercedes-Benz Brand Center Dubai

In his welcome address, Shehab Gargash, Managing Director & CEO of Gargash Group, emphasised the Brand Center’s aim of fostering creativity, ambition, and innovation among customers and the community in general. “We set out to integrate our business ethos with our commitment to the community. I am proud of what the Mercedes-Benz Brand Center represents in this regard,” he said.

Car Wall display features 76 cars

The Mercedes-Benz Brand Center attempts to transform customer service in the luxury automotive retail sector. A “Car Wall” display features 76 cars in a stacked arrangement alongside a merchandise shop with a collection of exclusive pieces. There is also a cafe for guests and a “Town Square,” which allows for hosting exhibitions, seminars, entertainment, and art events. The project involved a collaboration between Mercedes-Benz Brand Design, Heller Studios, Binchy & Binchy, and Macintyre Asset Management.


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