Man-made Al Qudra Lakes in Dubai: All you need to know

by Staff Reporter
Man-made Al Qudra Lakes, Moon Lake

The UAE’s mild winter inspires desert experiences in a picturesque landscape of the vast golden dunes and majestic sunsets that give a sense of tranquility.

Al Qudra, which houses a cluster of man-made lakes at the heart of Saih Al Salam desert and near Bab Al Shams, represents one of the main desert attractions in Dubai that enable visitors to immerse themselves in natural landscapes and enjoy the sights of wildlife, including birds and gazelles.

Situated in the vast Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve about 55 km from the centre of Dubai, Al Qudra Lakes provide the perfect opportunity to make timeless memories.

Al Qudra Lakes Dubai

Al Qudra Lakes are easily accessible without a 4×4 vehicle.

Residents and tourists can visit the lakes throughout the year to take in the captivating scenery with no entry fees.

Moon Lake, Dubai

A stunning crescent-shaped lake at the heart of the golden desert is considered the latest in the stunning lakes in Al Qudra.

Moon Lake is surrounded by a group of trees that, from an aerial view, look like stars shining around the crescent. The lake has gained popularity among tourists and visitors, becoming a new favorite destination in Dubai.

Moon Lake became the new gem of the Dubai desert, full of natural beauty and charming scenes amid the golden dunes.

Four-wheel-drive vehicles can access the lake, adding an element of adventure to visitors’ trip.

Wildlife spotting

The lakes, surrounded by the sand dunes, are home to hundreds of different animals including mountain gazelles, sand gazelles, Arabian oryx, desert foxes, in addition to 170 bird species living around the lakes including ducks, swans, flamingos, geese, kestrels, red-wattled lapwings, and grey herons.

Some of these native birds are even on the endangered list, such as the steppe eagle and the Asian houbara.

Al Qudra Lakes also serve as one of the popular camping spots in the UAE for friends and families looking to enjoy the tranquil scenery.

Al Qudra lakes

Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve, which serves as a habitat for species of wild animals and birds, is located right next to Al Qudra Lakes, making it ideal for wildlife-watchers and those seeking to reconnect with nature.

Love Lake, Dubai

Love Lake, one of the key attractions situated in the serene Al Qudra area, is known for its breathtaking scenery adorned with remarkable artistic work.

This man-made oasis was inaugurated near Marmoum Rest house in Dubai, to be a lively symbol of civilisation and humanity, which reflects the rooted values of the leadership and the people of the UAE for love, tolerance and coexistence among various nationalities living in the UAE and Arabian desert, and mirrors patience, giving, honour and generosity.

Love Lake Dubai gets its name from its unique shape consisting of two large, interconnected hearts, underlined with the word “love” that is engraved in the desert.

Love lake, Al Qudra Dubai

Spreading over 550,000 square meters, Love Lake houses about 16,000 olive, Sidr, Samar and Ghaf trees that reflect the UAE desert environment and about 800,000 diverse shrubs. It is surrounded by three walkways of about 7km and offers parking spaces for 500 cars.

Visitors and tourists can stroll the lake surrounding and relax in the four lounges fitted with furniture to suit the desert environment. They can also spot desert wildlife such as gazelles, desert foxes, oryx, and different species of birds including eagles, ducks, swans, falcons, and flamingos.

Events and activities

Besides offering scenic views in a real desert oasis, Al Qudra is unique for offering sports activities and events that enable fitness enthusiasts to train in a captivating open-air setting and enjoy the desert in a different light.

The 86km-long Al Qudra cycling track, located next to Love Lake, is a popular destination among Dubai’s cyclists and fitness enthusiasts, and takes one to three hours to complete. The track is also equipped with rest stations along the way that offer benches and shade. Restrooms are located adjacent to Trek and where Bab al Shams Road meets Al Qudra.

Constant development

Dubai continues to improve roads leading to Al Qudra to accommodate the steady increase of visitors. In 2022, Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority inaugurated the Saih Al-Dahal Road Improvement Project, which links Saih Al-Salam Road with the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park.

The 11km dual carriageway road opened with two lanes in each direction, along with a median and three roundabouts to ease the movement in all directions. The new road linked with the entry points of Al Qudra Lakes.

The project increased the road capacity to 4000 vehicles in each direction to accommodate the continued growth in traffic volumes and ease the mobility of residents and visitors to the oasis on both sides of the road and desert areas.

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