Indian Premier League 2023: How to watch IPL in UAE online on noon app

The Indian Premier League is the most-watched tournament in the cricketing calendar

by Staff Reporter
How to watch IPL in UAE online 2023.

Indian Premier League 2023 is all set to wow cricket fans from March to May. If you are wondering how to watch IPL in UAE online, here is good news for you. will exclusively stream the 2023 and 2024 Indian Premier League on the noon app, providing customers with all of the action live and in real time, every second of every game.

IPL 2023 live on noon app

The service, which will be behind a paywall, will allow cricket fans in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt to buy a season pass to watch an uninterrupted, high-quality video stream of all IPL 2023 and IPL 2024 matches. Noon will stream all IPL matches on the app, with additional features such as English commentary and unique match analysis before and post-match for a complete viewing experience. More details about the subscription, including pricing, will be revealed closer to the launch.

The Indian Premier League is the most-watched tournament in the cricketing calendar, drawing millions of fans each year. The IPL provides fans with the ultimate experience of witnessing their favorite cricketers in action. With a 5 million-plus addressable market, cricket is one of the most popular sports in the region.

This year’s huge IPL tournament will run from March until May, overlapping with Ramadan 2023, a key event in the region, and noon has exclusive digital rights to stream it.

Tanweer Anwar, VP of Monetization, noon, said of the upcoming launch: “This year is going to be a big one for noon. We’re excited to bring customers new features and a bigger, better experience than ever before. Content is the key to keeping customers, increasing the number of times they buy from you, and making your commerce offering more appealing. We’re even more excited to watch our selling partners grow and succeed as a result of our commitment to finding new and exciting ways to engage with our customers.”

How to watch IPL in UAE online

The IPL is one of the most popular cricket tournaments in the world, with millions of fans tuning in every year, making it not only an exciting event but also one that reaches many people across different demographics. Noon’s IPL live streaming service will give partners a unique chance to reach out to a highly interested audience during a major sporting event using’s prime advertising space.

Advertisers will also be able to book slots for IPL 2023 and IPL 2024, resulting in a more long-term partnership and a great opportunity to make their campaign last longer than the current season.

In partnership with Times Internet (UK) Limited, noon has acquired the exclusive digital streaming rights for IPL in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.


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