French pavilion at WETEX 2023 to showcase water and energy innovations

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French Pavilion at WETEX 2023 in Dubai

The French Pavilion makes its debut at Water, Energy, Technology, and Environment Exhibition (WETEX) & Dubai Solar Show as part of the “French Solar & Sustainable Days” organized by Business France, representing a diverse range of innovative companies ready to introduce their products and services to the Middle East region.

French Pavilion at WETEX 2023 in Dubai

The French Pavilion will be home to a dynamic group of companies specializing in various aspects of sustainability, from water and energy management to cutting-edge technology solutions. Visitors to the French Pavilion at WETEX can explore the latest advancements in the field and discover how these innovative offerings can drive positive change in the region.

Among these companies, AGUA DE SOL leads the way in producing drinking water from atmospheric humidity and solar panels.

Meanwhile, ALTRAD ENDEL’s industrial services for the energy sector, especially in nuclear, ensure efficient operations and infrastructure maintenance. Software developer’ CODRA is here to support companies on their transformation journey through smart analytics and data acquisition for the energy market. DOLFINES focuses on offshore renewable energy projects, bolstering clean energy initiatives thanks to their technical expertise and inspection.

EKIUM’s engineering services cover automation, instrumentation, and energy management, while PLANET SOAR plays a pivotal role with its platform selling solar solutions. VENTALIS specializes in specific areas such as air treatment, dust removal, pollutant capture, both in the industrial and agri-food sectors.

French innovation and UAE’s commitment to sustainability

Speaking on the presence of the French delegation, Axel Baroux, Managing Director at Business France Middle East commented: “The French Pavilion at WETEX 2023 represents the synergy between French innovation and the UAE’s commitment to sustainability. We are proud to introduce an exceptional delegation of innovative French companies, each dedicated to advancing the cause of sustainability few days away from COP28.

“Their expertise in solar energy, industrial services, software solutions, water purification, air quality and much more will undoubtedly contribute to the region’s journey towards a more sustainable future and environmental preservation. In a region of paramount significance for energy development and wastewater treatment, this collaboration takes on vital relevance.”


The UAE’s first free-of-charge digital door-to-door service collecting recyclables RECAPP-VEOLIA will display its reverse vending and smart deposit machine at WETEX, while STOLECT’s solution for large scale electricity storage and HULTEC’s rubber seals products will also be part of the delegation.

The French Pavilion stands as a shining example to France’s solar and renewables expertise. Notably, French companies have played a pivotal role in flagship projects across the UAE and the GCC, fostering a greener future.

TotalEnergies, Business France partnership

TotalEnergies, a French global leader in the energy sector, in partnership with Business France is supporting 6 French companies from the delegation on their innovative solutions shaping the future of the sustainable energy landscape.

TotalEnergies actively empowers French SMEs by facilitating access to international markets through collective prospecting missions, hosting V.I.E (International Volunteers in Enterprise) or employees within overseas affiliate companies on their behalf and providing essential Export Loan and Personalized support thanks to the mobilization of their collaborators.

“As we solidify our transformation into a multi-energy company, a major player in the energy transition, our role extends to support companies within French regions as they navigate their own transformations. We assist them in their development, including international expansion, and act as a supportive guiding force, akin to a mentor.” explained Alexandre Martin-Denavit – International development Director – TotalEnergies Direction France.


The UAE and GCC nations have been at the forefront of renewable energy and wastewater solutions. Although the Middle East leads globally in desalination with important operational capacity, there’s untapped potential due to groundwater shortages, low per capita water availability, and rising water demands.

The region is shifting towards energy-efficient, renewables-powered reverse-osmosis (RO) plants, moving away from high-energy-consuming thermal desalination methods, such as solar-powered RO.

The leadership and commitment to sustainability have paved the way for remarkable projects such as the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park in Dubai, operated by EDF Renewablesand the ambitious GCC Interconnection Authority’s electrical grid linking the six GCC countries.

Wastewater treatment and recycling

Additionally, the region has made significant strides in wastewater treatment and recycling, with groundbreaking initiatives like the Jebel Ali MBR Plant and the Al Taweelah RO Desalination Plant.

The collaboration between French innovation and GCC leadership in renewables and wastewater solutions promises successful future collaborations. French companies aiming to expand their operations in the region can rely on the outsourcing, manpower and administrative services of TERRACOTTA.

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