Football legend Mohamed Salah becomes Visa Ambassador for UAE

by Staff Reporter
Football legend Mohamed Salah becomes Visa Ambassador for UAE

Visa, a world leader in digital payments, on Wednesday unveiled a new partnership with the renowned Egyptian football legend Mohamed Salah to be a Visa Ambassador for the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Kuwait, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa.

As one of the most electrifying football players in the world, Salah’s stellar performances for Liverpool Football Club and the Egyptian national team have cemented his status as a global icon of the sport. Yet, it’s his relentless pursuit of his dreams that truly resonates with fans worldwide.

From a village in the north of Egypt to global superstardom, Salah’s story of grit and fortitude demonstrates the belief that greatness begins with a series of small steps. His tireless passion throughout his career has inspired millions, showcasing the transformative potential of persistence.

Visa, Mohamed Salah partnership

This collaboration reflects the company’s commitment to empowering individuals to achieve their aspirations. Visa will celebrate the values of dedication, perseverance, and excellence that define both the football superstar and the brand itself.

Mo Salah remarked: “Throughout my career, every step I have taken has propelled me to greater and greater opportunities, bringing me closer than ever to my dreams. I’m excited about the collaboration with Visa and its mission to expand what is possible for more and more people, empowering them to take a series of small steps forward to get to where they want to be.”


Tarek Abdalla, Visa’s Chief Marketing Officer for Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Africa (CEMEA), stated: “As an icon in the Middle East and Africa, and a legend of the modern game, Mo Salah has become a beacon of hope and joy in households all around the world, uplifting people through the belief that everyone, everywhere can help shape the future.”

“We are proud to have Mo as an Ambassador, who is not only an inspiring athlete but reflects several of our guiding principles. Breaking barriers, superseding expectations, and aiming for best-in-class performance worldwide are all values that Visa deeply embodies, as it seeks to innovate and drive the future of commerce.”

Together, Visa and Salah are poised to inspire and uplift individuals around the world, demonstrating that with commitment and passion, anything is possible.


As #MoSalahxVisa gains momentum, stay tuned for more updates on our mission to ignite dreams while empowering aspirations and #FinancialGoals across the globe, driving people to take small steps to reach their full potential.

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