Etihad Rail network expands with Dubai’s longest bridge in Al Qudra

by Staff Reporter
Etihad Rail network expands with Dubai’s longest bridge in Al Qudra

Dubai’s longest rail bridge, which is part of the Etihad Rail network, runs through the Al Qudra area, according to a tweet from the official rail network account.

“Based in the Emirate of Dubai, our Al Qudra bridge is the longest rail bridge within the emirate’s mainline network, forming a vital route for trade and commerce which positively contributes to the movement of goods throughout the UAE,” it said in a tweet.

The UAE Railway Programme is an investment worth Dhs50 billion and includes a national network of railway projects connecting seven UAE emirates.

Al Qudra rail bridge

Al Qudra rail bridge

The programme is projected to generate economic opportunities amounting to Dhs200 billion.

Etihad Rail: 29 bridges

The 256 kilometres Tarif Al Awir track that connects Dubai and Abu Dhabi features 29 bridges, 60 crossings and 137 drainage channels.

The total excavation and backfilling work amounted to 46 million cubic meters, and was carried out by 13,300 workers, clocking in over 47 million working hours.

Upon completion, the Etihad Rail network will serve freight and passenger transportation, spanning 1,200 kilometres throughout the UAE.

The network will also be connected to the GCC Railway Network, which will link the UAE to Saudi Arabia via Ghweifat in the west and Oman via Al Ain in the east.

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