Deliveroo now delivers food via abra in Dubai

by Staff Reporter
Abra food delivery in Dubai

Deliveroo recently did something really cool: they used a traditional abra boat to deliver food at Dubai Creek, adding a fun twist to their usual deliveries.

To celebrate this unique delivery, Deliveroo showcased some of the best local restaurants in the area on their app. It was a neat way to bring attention to the city’s history while also making sure people know about great places to eat.

Abra food delivery in Dubai

By using the abra, Deliveroo wanted to show how they value Dubai’s culture and history while still being modern and innovative.

The abra, which means “to cross” in Arabic, has been a part of Dubai’s heritage for a long time, ferrying people and goods across the Dubai Creek, a place often called the heart of Dubai. Deliveroo put their own spin on the traditional boat, making it look really cool and modern.

This special delivery took place between Deira Old Souk and Bur Dubai, and along the way, Deliveroo highlighted some fantastic local restaurants like Al Safadi, Laffah, Manoushe Street, and Jawharat Al Sham, famous for their delicious Middle Eastern food.

Deliveroo sees this unique event as a way to honor Dubai’s past while also bringing people together through food. They’re committed to making food delivery better and more enjoyable for everyone, no matter where they live in the city.

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