Crescent Enterprises reaffirms commitment to Majarra programme

The Majarra subscription and app offer high-quality content in Arabic

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Crescent Enterprises reaffirms commitment to Majarra programme

Crescent Enterprises, a leading global, diversified business headquartered in the UAE, has reaffirmed its commitment to Majarra’s “Renaissance Partners” programme, which aims to provide free subscriptions in Majarra’s websites to the youth who need it the most.

The Majarra subscription and app offer high-quality content in Arabic in partnership with global providers including Harvard Business Review, MIT Technology Review, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Popular Science, Psychologies, and others.

Majarra subscription

For the seventh year, Crescent Enterprises has supported the unique programme by providing complimentary access to Majarra’s content, which covers management and business, professional growth, science and technology, mental wellness, social innovation among other topics.

As part of its corporate citizenship agenda to improve digital accessibility, Crescent Enterprises supports the programme to bring the best Arabic content on the internet to the communities that need it the most by covering subscription fees, which helps address skills gaps and contributes to the region’s economic vitality.

Arabic-speaking internet users

The number of Arabic-speaking internet users has surpassed 237 million, signifying a growth rate of 9.34% between 2000 and 2020. Despite this, the availability of Arabic content on the internet remains limited, accounting for only approximately 5% and of mediocre quality.

The primary source of such content lies in translations, yet automatic translation platforms are frequently unable to capture the intended meaning of the original text with accuracy.

Consequently, Arabic-speaking users face significant challenges in accessing relevant and dependable content in their mother tongue. Therefore, it is imperative to develop a more extensive and superior quality Arabic content that meets their needs.

Dia Haykal, director of brand and partnerships at Majarra, said: “We are proud of our long-term strategic partnership with Crescent Enterprises. The Renaissance Partners programme aims to give thousands of young professionals and entrepreneurs access to the best Arabic content on the internet that empowers them and enables their professional and personal growth. With CE’s continuous commitment to the programme, many more Arab youth will be able to use the knowledge and information that Majarra offers. Together, we are on a mission to help them lead better and richer lives and contribute to their societies.”

As part of Crescent Enterprises’ strategic partnership with Majarra and in support of the Renaissance Partners programme, the organisation has offered more than 6,000 Arabic readers complimentary access to quality business and management content.

Survey results

A survey conducted among subscribers found that 86% believed they significantly benefitted from the subscription, and 97% wished to continue their subscription as they felt they gained more management knowledge, skills to train and develop their teams and information on marketing, remote working, communication, time management and entrepreneurial skills.

Ghada Abdelkader, Senior VP of Crescent Enterprises, said: “Over the last seven years, we have been privileged to give thousands of young entrepreneurs and professionals free access to Majarra and platforms including HBR Arabia. By continuing to implement our corporate citizenship agenda and improve digital access for all by supporting impactful initiatives such as the Majarra programme, we aim to ensure our future leaders are equipped with access to reliable, world-class business and management content, in Arabic.”

Crescent Enterprises’ partnership with Majarra is part of the company’s commitment to improving digital access for all. In 2021, Crescent Enterprises joined the World Economic Forum’s EDISON Alliance to help foster affordable and accessible digital opportunities.

CEO Badr Jafar was appointed Champion of the Alliance for mobilising peers, networks, and initiatives across the MENA region. Through the EDISON Alliance 1 Billion Lives Challenge, Crescent Enterprises aims to impact 100,000 youth in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia by 2025 through comprehensive initiatives in technology investments, new business incubation and corporate citizenship programmes.

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