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Five best areas for cycling in Abu Dhabi

by Staff Reporter
best areas for cycling in Abu Dhabi.

Electra Bicycle Company & Wowbikes have inaugurated a new flagship store in Abu Dhabi, located within the Virgin Megastore at Yas Mall.  The specially branded zone will serve as a new hub for cycling enthusiasts, embodying the essence of Electra & Wowbikes in the emirate.

This unique space in Virgin Megastore not only features bicycles by the Electra brand but also showcases a diverse range of handcrafted manual and electric bicycles from renowned European and English manufacturers. Unique city-bikes from brands such as RUFF, Benno, Pashley, Schindelhauer, Moulton, and Vello are available there, along with cycling accessories by Brooks and ULAC.

Inside the specially curated zone in Virgin, customers can receive expert guidance from brand consultants employed by the Electra & Wowbikes.

Wowbikes is a premier multi-brand bicycle boutique, offering a curated selection of top-notch bicycles. Its flagship store in Dubai, operating under the name Electra Bicycle Company since March 2023 on Bluewaters Island, serves as a haven for cycling enthusiasts.

Beyond the island, Wowbikes extends its presence with dedicated retail spaces strategically positioned in prestigious Virgin Megastore outlets, including prominent locations such as Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates. This dynamic network ensures that cycling aficionados have convenient access to a diverse range of high-quality bikes and accessories.

Best areas for cycling in Abu Dhabi

“Yas Island stands as a premier destination for cycling lovers, and we are elated to unveil our flagship establishment in Abu Dhabi, strategically positioned within this promising area. As enthusiasts of cycling culture, we are pleased that Abu Dhabi already boasts excellent infrastructure, which we anticipate will further develop in the near future. We firmly believe that many residents of the emirate will soon integrate cycling into their daily lives, as it offers a joyful, ecological, and healthy mode of transportation, while also serving as a wonderful source of family leisure activities,” commented Raimond Mednis, CEO of Wowbikes and the Electra Bicycle Company division in the UAE.

1. Yas Island

The island of Yas is encircled by an impressive network of bicycle tracks, making it a true haven for cycling enthusiasts. Apart from enjoying the pleasure of riding along urban cycling routes, there’s also the opportunity to experience the unique Yas Marina Circuit track. This extraordinary circuit, which hosts Formula 1 races, opens its doors to cyclists on select days, allowing anyone who wishes to ride their bicycle there to do so. To find out when you can ride at Yas Marina Circuit, you need to keep track of the schedule on the venue’s website.

2. Hudayriat Island

Hudayriat Mar Vista provides cycling enthusiasts, both beginners and experienced riders, with 5 to 10 kilometers of cycling trails to enjoy. These tracks traverse through a recreational park and alongside lush green areas.

The main cycling network establishes connections in both north-south and east-west directions along significant road pathways and green expanses. In addition, the secondary network within local communities with lower population densities offers shared cycling amenities.

3. Al Raha Beach

The area surrounding Al Raha Beach has become quite popular with cyclists. If you prefer to avoid using bridges, you have the option to either complete a circuit starting from Al Zeina bridge to Al Hadeel and return, or take the opposite route starting from Al Hadeel down to Lamar Residence.

4. Corniche

The picturesque Corniche in Abu Dhabi spans an impressive eight kilometers of well-maintained waterfront, featuring amenities such as children’s play areas, designated paths for cyclists and pedestrians, various cafes and restaurants, and the breathtaking beach supervised by lifeguards. If you’re seeking to bask in Abu Dhabi’s renowned sunshine throughout the year, this pristine beach stands as one of the prime destinations.

5. Al Wathba

The Al Wathba Cycle Track stands out as one of the most exceptional and picturesque cycling spots in the UAE. Set amidst vast expanses of desert, this location’s otherworldly scenery even served as a backdrop in the film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The track offers various routes catering to different skill levels. Novice cyclists can opt for either the 8-kilometer or 16-kilometer routes, while more experienced riders can challenge themselves with the 20-kilometer, 22-kilometer, or full 30-kilometer routes.


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