AI-powered global work assistant launched at Gitex Global

by Staff Reporter
Deel IQ_Question AI-powered assistant.

Deel the all-in-one HR platform for global teams, has announced the launch of Deel IQ, coinciding with the 43rd edition of Gitex Global, the most established large-scale tech exhibition in the world.

Deel IQ, a global work assistant powered by AI allows employers from small startups and larger enterprises to access reliable global HR information and insights effortlessly.

AI-powered Assistant

Underpinned by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Deel IQ is enhanced by access to Deel’s Global Knowledge Base — informed by a 200-person in-house team of local HR experts and lawyers. These resources give Deel IQ the power to turn any organization into a global HR expert with a single source for compliance information.

 Deel’s Knowledge Base

Businesses leveraging Deel IQ can get accurate information on local laws and best practices in over 150 countries around the world, tapping into Deel’s Knowledge Base to help ensure regulatory compliance for each of their employees, no matter where they may reside.

Additionally, employers can also use Deel IQ to garner fast, actionable data points, such as total employee-related costs or number of employees in particular skill areas, directly from their own company data via the Deel platform.

Drawing upon such workforce data, businesses can generate instant reports to gain valuable insights about their teams without having to rely on manual spreadsheet-based reporting processes.

Reliable Global HR Information

“With Deel IQ, businesses can effortlessly access reliable global HR information from Deel, plus insights that are sourced from their own workforce data,” said Tarek Salam, Head of MENA Expansion, Deel.

Shannon Karaka, Country Leader and Head of Expansion, Australia and New Zealand, Deel. “Now, all business leaders and HR teams need to do is ask the relevant questions, and they can tap into the information they need to make well-informed hiring decisions.

“Deel already provides businesses around the world with the tools and confidence they need to find skills and grow in other countries,” said Salam.

“Deel IQ helps employers prevent further missteps when it comes to global hiring and employee management.”

Deel’s Virtual Private Cloud

Importantly, Deel IQ provides insights into contract and invoice data while ensuring security through multiple layers of protection. Access to both the AI and the database is restricted to Deel’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environment, ensuring that data is not publicly shared.

Deel IQ is covered by an access control, guaranteeing that data access is limited exclusively to users with the appropriate permissions.

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