Abu Dhabi Police offer 35% discount on traffic fines

by Staff Reporter
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Abu Dhabi Police has introduced a new initiative called “Bader wa Istafed,” offering drivers a significant discount on traffic fines to promote timely payment and road safety.

Under this initiative, drivers can enjoy a 35% reduction in the fine amount if paid within 60 days of the violation, excluding serious offenses. Additionally, a 25% discount is available for payments made between 60 days and one year from the issuance of the fine, again excluding serious violations.

To make payments more accessible, Abu Dhabi Police provides multiple payment options. Drivers can pay fines at Abu Dhabi Police service centers or through digital channels like the website and smartphone app. Payment in installments, with zero interest, is also available for up to one year.

Furthermore, drivers can opt for installment plans through participating banks, with zero interest for a 12-month period, using credit cards issued by banks affiliated with Abu Dhabi Police.

Payment can also be facilitated through the official Abu Dhabi Government platform, “Tamm,” or via customer service and happiness centers.

Abu Dhabi Police emphasized their commitment to simplifying payment processes and encouraging compliance with traffic regulations. By reducing fines and offering convenient payment methods, they aim to ease the financial burden on drivers and promote timely settlement of fines, thereby enhancing road safety for all community members.


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