Abu Dhabi provides free Wi-Fi at 580 locations including parks, beaches and public transport

by Staff Reporter
Free internet in Abu Dhabi

The Department of Municipalities and Transport in Abu Dhabi has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative, providing free internet access across 580 key locations, encompassing parks, beaches, and public transport within the emirate.

This move includes the transformation of six parks into “smart parks,” integrating cutting-edge technologies utilizing sustainable Internet of Things devices. The intention is to elevate the standard of living and enhance public service efficiency throughout the emirate.

Free internet in Abu Dhabi

Dubbed the “Hala Wi-Fi” network, this free internet service is a collaborative effort with telecommunications service providers in the UAE. The primary objective is to fortify the digital infrastructure, enrich user experiences, and ensure comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage in various Abu Dhabi locales, thereby elevating the city’s status as a smart city.

The department outlined the distribution of free internet services across different regions, comprising 478 spots in Abu Dhabi city, spanning 17 parks, two beaches, and 459 public transport buses. In Al Ain city, 78 locations are covered, including 11 parks and 67 buses, while Al Dhafra region hosts 24 spots, consisting of 14 parks and 10 buses.


Moreover, specific parks and beaches in each area have been earmarked for this service. In Abu Dhabi city, locations such as Zafarana Park, Corniche, and Al Bateen Beach are now equipped with free Wi-Fi. Similarly, Al Ain’s Al Jahili Park and Hili Recreation are among the facilitated spots, and in Al Dhafra, parks like Mirfa Public Park and Al Shabhana now offer free internet access.

Future Plans for free Internet services in Abu Dhabi

Looking ahead, the Department plans to convert an additional six parks into ‘smart parks’ by 2024, encompassing three parks in Abu Dhabi, two in Al Ain, and one in Al Dhafra. The ultimate aim is to integrate smart technologies across all parks in the emirate, ensuring a more connected and efficient public space.

Smart parks

These “smart parks” will be equipped with an array of technology, including 600 smart sensors and cameras. These devices will offer real-time insights, such as parking availability, crowd density, and other essential data. Additionally, they will assist park management in monitoring visitor trends, regulating environmental aspects like irrigation, and deploying AI-powered services to enhance the overall visitor experience in Abu Dhabi’s parks.

The comprehensive initiative aims to not only provide seamless connectivity but also elevate the overall experience for residents and visitors, marking a significant step towards a technologically advanced and user-friendly urban landscape in Abu Dhabi.


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