World’s largest LED illuminated camel comes to Dubai

by Staff Reporter
Largest LED illuminated camel in Dubai

Dubai Parks and Resorts, the Middle East’s premier theme park destination, has introduced the world’s largest illuminated camel sculpture, setting a new Guinness World Records title for the “Largest LED Sculpture of a Mammal.”

The remarkable 7-meter-tall structure, located in Riverland Dubai, pays homage to the camel’s significant role in Emirati culture, reflecting its rich heritage in the UAE.

Largest LED illuminated camel in Dubai

Camels are deeply woven into the cultural fabric, history, and identity of the UAE, and this majestic camel sculpture serves as a symbol of reverence for this revered animal.

Positioned adjacent to Viva Ristorante, the camel will illuminate every evening from sunset onward, offering a captivating visual spectacle for visitors throughout the year.

The illuminated camel also serves as an Instagrammable spot, creating a unique and memorable experience for guests exploring Riverland Dubai. To enhance the overall visitor experience, a variety of themed food and entertainment options are available at Riverland Dubai.

Dubai Parks and Resorts

Dubai Parks and Resorts continues its commitment to innovation and creating memorable experiences for guests. This achievement follows the earlier Guinness World Record™ success with the launch of ‘JumpX,’ the ‘Largest Inflatable Bouncy Castle.’

The destination is set to reveal an array of thrilling announcements in the near future, promising even more exciting experiences for its visitors.

In alignment with its dedication to celebrating the UAE’s rich heritage and culture, Dubai Parks and Resorts is actively exploring potential collaborations with organizations such as the Dubai Camel Racing Club, further enhancing the visitor experience and showcasing the profound connections between the country’s history and its modern attractions.

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