Union Coop’s Tamayaz cards gain popularity

by Staff Reporter
Union Coop Tamayaz Gold and Silver cards

Union Coop in Dubai reports a significant milestone: 913,306 members are now part of the Tamayaz loyalty program. These cardholders, comprising 87% of total sales, reflect the program’s success and its contribution to sustainability by reducing paper usage.

Union Coop Tamayaz Gold and Silver cards

Tamayaz offers two types of cards — Gold for shareholders and Silver for non-shareholders. Gold cardholders’ number 33,937, while Silver cardholders total 879,369.

Customers can access their Tamayaz card benefits through Union Coop’s smart application or online store, which enables detailed transactions and invoice tracking. Additionally, the program offers instant discounts on selected items and earns points for every Dhs1 spent.

Tamayaz cards are available in all Union Coop branches for all customers for free and need to be registered and activated online to fully enjoy the benefit of the program, and they can also be obtained from the Customer Happiness center in any branch of Union Coop.

“Tamayaz” program has several features, including instant discount on selected products, earning one point for every Dhs1 spent.

Additionally, upon accumulating 3000 points, the gold cardholder becomes eligible for an instant redemption of Dhs50 against the accumulated reward points, while the silver cardholder becomes eligible upon accumulating 4000 points.

They can redeem Dhs50 instantly against the accumulated reward points at the cashier. These points can be redeemed at any Union Coop branch physically or even on the Union Coop Online Store (Smart App) and the E-commerce web store as well, where the discount rate sometimes reaches up to 70%. Moreover, by linking the loyalty card to the app a consumer can enjoy additional features of tracking purchases, online orders, get smart invoices and much more.


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