Union Coop offers 50% discount in New Year promotions

by Staff Reporter
Union Coop offers up to 60% discount on 2,000 items in June 2024

In an announcement reflective of its commitment to delivering exceptional value to consumers, Union Coop has unveiled a comprehensive series of promotional campaigns set to run throughout January 2024. The initiative aims to significantly reduce prices on a diverse range of 1,300 carefully selected food and non-food items.

Union Coop New Year promotions

Commencing at the onset of the current month and continuing through the New Year celebrations, this promotional campaign highlights Union Coop’s strategic consumer happiness goals.

The discounts offered, reaching up to 50% on selected items, demonstrate the organization’s dedication to providing high-quality products at competitive prices.

This concerted effort aligns with Union Coop’s continuous commitment to launching community initiatives designed to delight consumers, address their specific requirements, and offer them exceptional value for their purchases.

The campaigns at the beginning of the year will be accessible across all branches affiliated with the cooperative, as well as through its website and smart store.


Featured discounted items will be showcased in the cooperative’s regularly issued magazines, reaching a wider audience through advertising and media channels associated with the cooperative, ultimately benefiting the entire community.

With a keen focus on a diverse range of products, including food and non-food items, vegetables, meat, international foods, and popular wholesale products, the January campaigns reflect Union Coop’s strategic emphasis on consumer happiness. Furthermore, the promotion extends to winter season products and various other categories, ensuring a comprehensive array of discounted offerings.

Union Coop places the highest priority on its consumers, actively seeking to meet their needs and desires through strategic discount and promotion campaigns. These initiatives will be rolled out across all Union Coop branches and centers located throughout Dubai throughout the year, forming an integral part of a precisely planned marketing strategy aimed at providing consumers with an array of compelling purchasing options for their diverse needs.


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