76% of UAE residents commit to Ramadan fitness resolutions: Survey

by Staff Reporter
New Balance Ramadan Fitness Survey 2024

As this Ramadan provides a time for reflection, community, and celebration, a new study by New Balance revealed that as well as spiritual purification UAE residents are also prioritizing physical fitness and well-being during the holy month.

New Balance Ramadan Fitness Survey 2024

The New Balance Ramadan Fitness Survey 2024 sheds new light on the fitness commitments, attitudes and habits of UAE residents during Ramadan, unveiling new insights into the active lifestyles of UAE residents during the holy month.

Consequently, New Balance has launched the “You Run the Night” campaign, which will encompass night runs throughout the holy month promoting a more inclusive and positive view of running culture.

Showing the deep connection of self-discipline for mind and body during Ramadan, 76% of UAE respondents said they set specific Ramadan fitness goals or resolutions, with two-thirds (67%) saying fasting during Ramadan makes it easier to stick to their fitness routines.

55% of UAE residents said they find it easier to maintain fitness goals during Ramadan, with shorter workouts identified as the biggest change people make to their fitness activities during the holy month.

As well as a commitment to physical well-being the results also show that physical activity mainly happens at night with the emergence of a new “night audience” of citizens and residents. Nearly 6 out of 10 residents (58%) reported higher energy levels at night during Ramadan with 55% saying they are most active and opting to exercise after Iftar and further into the night.

A diverse Ramadan fitness palette

The study also found a rich canvas of physical activity preferences of UAE residents during Ramadan with almost three-quarters (74%) immersing themselves in a diverse array of activities including aerobic dance classes, yoga, running, gym sessions and cycling.

Stuart Henwood, New Balance’s MENA Regional Manager said: “Ramadan is a very special moment for everyone all over the world as a period for enhanced reflection, contemplation and celebration with family and friends. While it can be easy to lose track in between the hectic Ramadan schedule, the importance of movement cannot be underestimate.”

“Movement is rooted in our running heritage, and we are proud to play our part in encouraging everyone to run your way, celebrating self-expression and determination, values that New Balance has stood for over many years. As a reflection of New Balance’s commitment to help individuals stay active during Ramadan, we are continuing our Run Your Way campaign by encouraging movement throughout this month, where people of all ages can exercise and celebrate movement while removing stereotypes and promoting a more inclusive and positive view of running, no matter how you run,” he continued.

New Balance collaborated with ambassadors Amy Roko and Saudi Reporters, as well as Kuwaiti artist Abrar to launch “You Run the Night” to encourage movement after Iftar.


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