UAE citizens get visa-free entry to another scenic country

by Staff Reporter
UAE, Uzbekistan visa-free travel

In a significant stride towards fostering stronger bilateral ties, the UAE and the Republic of Uzbekistan have inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), heralding mutual exemption from entry visas for passport holders. This collaborative effort aims at advancing the shared interests of the two nations and facilitating seamless travel for their citizens.

UAE, Uzbekistan visa-free travel

Under the terms of the memorandum, UAE nationals holding Special and Mission passports, as well as those with ordinary passports valid for a minimum of six months, are now relieved from the visa application process when visiting Uzbekistan.

Instead, they can enjoy a visa-free entry for up to 30 days per visit. This marks a departure from the previous requirement of obtaining an electronic visa.


Conversely, citizens of Uzbekistan carrying biometric passports, which include international passports for foreign travel or domestic passports for returning to Uzbekistan, are now exempt from visa requirements when entering the United Arab Emirates. This pivotal development comes into effect from January 15, 2024, symbolizing a new era of eased travel regulations between the two nations.

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