UAE introduces 10-year passport for citizens

by Staff Reporter
UAE Emirati passport

Starting July 8, 2024, citizens of the UAE aged 21 and above can now apply for a 10-year passport, as announced by the Federal Authority For Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security (ICP) in Abu Dhabi.

Upgraded UAE passport service

Major General Suhail Saeed Al Khaili, Director General of the Authority, highlighted that the upgraded passport service aims to enhance convenience for UAE citizens. The Authority has diligently worked on enhancing the service to ensure seamless integration and compatibility within its systems.

The decision to extend passport validity aligns with ICP’s strategic goals for 2023-2026, particularly focusing on developing advanced systems for both citizens and foreigners. This initiative reflects a commitment to provide a superior digital government experience and foster innovative partnerships.

Major General Al Khaili emphasized that extending the passport validity to 10 years aims to boost citizen happiness by facilitating easier travel opportunities and improving overall quality of life sustainably.

Streamlined processes

By extending the passport validity to a decade, the ICP aims to significantly reduce the inconvenience of renewal processes. Citizens will now need only one trip every 10 years instead of two, cutting down on time and effort. This initiative supports the government’s zero bureaucracy program, emphasizing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Application process and eligibility

Major General Suhail Juma Al Khaili clarified that the 10-year passport will be available exclusively to citizens aged 21 and above. Those under 21 will continue to receive passports valid for five years. The application process remains unchanged, ensuring consistency in procedures, standards, and service delivery channels.

Citizens living abroad

Citizens residing abroad whose passports are nearing expiration can also apply for the new 10-year service, further extending the convenience of the updated passport issuance policy.

This strategic enhancement in passport services reflects the UAE’s commitment to modernizing public services and improving citizen satisfaction through streamlined processes and enhanced accessibility.

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