UAE-based firm launches three new coffee brands in Dubai

by Staff Reporter
The Q Lab, Mano Korea and Click Coffee

INDEX Trading and Investment – member of INDEX Holding, a leading UAE-based company, exhibited its three unique coffee brands in order to add more flavors to its coffee trading, ensuring a unique and unparalleled coffee experience during the World of Coffee 2024 at the Dubai World Trade Center in Dubai.

The Q Lab, Mano Korea and Click Coffee

As Dubai is emerging as a prominent global center for coffee trading and since coffee is considered one of the most famous beverages in the UAE, the newly launched three coffee brands, The Q Lab, Mano Korea, and Click Coffee, are set to elevate the coffee-drinking experience in the UAE and the region.

The products will be available in the GCC market very soon as they were officially launched during World of Coffee 2024.

According to the Data Bridge Market report, the value of the coffee drinks market in the Mena region is expected to reach $1.33 billion by 2030.

Eng. Anas AlMadani, Vice Chairman and Group CEO of INDEX Holding and the visionary entrepreneur whose passion for coffee and unwavering dedication to this industry have fueled the inception of DXBlends, a brand that has grown into 7 locations in Dubai now said during his participation at the World of Coffee: “We are here to showcase our three exceptional coffee brands — The Q Lab, Mano Korea, and Click Coffee — at the World of Coffee 2024 in Dubai, we are not just unveiling products; we are presenting a new era of coffee sophistication. Dubai’s growing prominence as a global hub for coffee trading aligns perfectly with our vision to offer a unique and unparalleled coffee experience. With the UAE embracing coffee as a cultural staple, our brands aim to redefine the coffee landscape, providing enthusiasts with a taste that transcends boundaries.”

The Q Lab

The new launched coffee brand The Q Lab is a testament to the history of Coffee while bringing some of the World’s most exclusive coffees for people to experience and understand the history and complexity of it.

Eng. Anas added, “We tried at the Q Lab to offer a coffee experience that goes beyond the standard. Therefore, you cannot expect that it will be your typical coffee experience; it is a journey into the extraordinary. We are not just serving coffee; we are offering an immersive understanding of the finest and most sought-after coffees sourced globally. Our experience goes beyond the taste buds, delving into the story of each coffee bean — its origin, uniqueness, and the rich narrative that defines it.”

Moreover, The Q Lab is committed to sustainability, showcasing its dedication through the adoption of advanced roasting technology. This heralds a distinctive era in coffee appreciation, where connoisseurs are not only treated to exceptional flavors but also encouraged to embrace a profound understanding of the art and sustainability behind each cup.

Mano Korea

From another prospective, Mano Korea introduces a revolutionary under-counter boiler system that not only maximizes space but also facilitates seamless communication between baristas and customers. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, this innovation significantly saves preparation time, moreover, brewing is automated and in circles so it is accurate brewing with the options of two different sets of boilers to adjust two different temperatures.

It has also adjustable height levels for better outcome, enabling baristas to prioritize delivering an exceptional coffee experience.

The commitment to space-saving design, temperature precision, and advanced features ensures a consistently perfect brew, setting a new standard and elevating coffee bars to unprecedented heights. Mano Korea’s designated recipes guarantee accuracy and consistency in taste, catering to preferences ranging from single-origin to blended or latte choices.

Additionally, its compatibility with popular dripper brands such as Hario, Kalita, Kono, Chemex, and Melita allows users to enjoy their preferred brewing method, making Mano a versatile and indispensable asset for coffee enthusiasts.

Click Coffee

Click Coffee represents the evolution of next-generation coffee shops, combining the consistency and speed of cutting-edge technologies, the comfort of traditional coffee shops, and the warmth of human-to-human interaction. It stands as a pioneer in merging technology and coffee culture, providing a seamless and efficient coffee experience while maintaining the charm of traditional coffee shops. With its ambitious goals, diverse menu, and adaptable operational model, Click Coffee aims to leave a significant mark on the global coffee industry.

At the core of Click Coffee’s concept is the smart coffee station, which incorporates robotics, advanced coffee equipment, and sophisticated software.

With live self-adjustment and AI capabilities, this innovative system can prepare an impressive 100 cups of coffee per hour with a remarkable precision rate of 99.99%.

Click Coffee aims to provide visitors with the familiar comfort of traditional coffee houses. The locations are designed to offer a cozy environment for sitting, relaxation, and socializing, blending the benefits of advanced technology with classic coffee shop service.

Click Coffee aspires to disrupt the coffee market and become the #1 smart coffee chain in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Their goal is to make high-quality, sustainable coffee accessible to everyone, everywhere.

As the UAE embraces these exceptional coffee brands, INDEX Trading sets a visionary course, blending tradition with cutting-edge technology, to shape the future of coffee enjoyment in the Middle East and beyond.

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