HONOR V Purse, world’s thinnest foldable phone, launched in China

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HONOR V Purse, world’s thinnest foldable phone

Global technology brand HONOR has launched the HONOR V Purse in China.

Designed to be exceptionally thin and fashionable, the out-warding foldable smartphone is just 8.6 mm when folded and 4.3mm when unfolded, setting a new record for the thinnest foldable smartphone.

This is the first time that HONOR has turned a concept into a commercial product after announcing the HONOR V Purse concept phone at IFA 2023.


Representing the intersection of fashion and technology, the HONOR V Purse beautifully brings to life the “phone-to-purse” concept, and in doing so, defines a new category of technology, offering a new stylish option for fashion-forward consumers.

“Today’s consumers are focused on leading fashionable, digital lifestyles,” said George Zhao, CEO of HONOR. “To cater to these needs, HONOR is defining what’s next for smartphones, debuting the HONOR V Purse which seamlessly combines cutting-edge innovation with a chic design.

“Testament to our commitment to constantly exploring bold new form factors to keep up with the latest lifestyle trends, the HONOR V Purse will inspire a new generation of runway-worthy smart products that are unlike anything on the market today.”

Key Highlights:

  • The phone measures just 8.6 mm when folded and 4.3 mm when unfolded, setting a new record for the thinnest foldable smartphone.
  • This is the first time HONOR has turned a concept into a commercial product after announcing it at IFA.
  • The HONOR V Purse combines fashion and technology, offering a new stylish option for consumers.
  • It comes in Gold, Blue, and Black color options and is available for preorders in China starting at 5999RMB.
  • The phone features a 50MP main camera, a 12MP ultra-wide and macro camera, and various camera enhancements.
  • It has a 7.71-inch 2K flexible OLED display with a peak brightness of 1,600 nits and advanced eye protection features.
  • The HONOR V Purse is designed for durability with a multi-tier screen protection solution and has received 5-star drop and impact resistance certifications.
  • It is powered by Silicon-carbon batteries offering 4,500mAh capacity and extended battery life.
  • The device runs on MagicOS 7.2, which includes features like Parallel Space for separating work and personal data.

Colour Options and Availability

The new “it” bag of the future, the HONOR V Purse is the world’s slimmest and lightest purse phone, offering endless possibilities for style and self-expression while delivering top-notch visuals, battery life and smart experiences.

Available in Gold, Blue and Black, the HONOR V Purse will be available for preorders starting from September 19 in China, with a starting price of 5999RMB for the 16GB +256GB model.

World’s Thinnest Foldable Phone

In its pursuit for the slimmest and lightest foldable form factor, HONOR sets a new record for foldable smartphone thinness with the HONOR V Purse measuring just 8.6mm while folded and 4.3mm when unfurled.

Weighing just 214g, the new purse phone feels as light as a bar smartphone in hand, offering users the versatility of a large folding screen without the heft of conventional foldables.

HONOR V Purse, world’s thinnest foldable phone

The latest breakthrough in foldable thinness is realized with the brand-new HONOR hinge. 1.2mm-thick super springs and miniature gears that have a diameter of only 1.73mm.

The new hinge also adopts a new folding mechanism and features HONOR’s proprietary steel to offer incredible robustness while remaining superbly lightweight.

With the new HONOR V Purse, your smartphone seamlessly transforms into the ultimate phy-gital fashion statement, thanks to a series of customizable always-on display (AOD) designs that mimic a handbag design of your choosing, while a choice of interchangeable straps and chains that clip onto the HONOR V Purse’s hinge allow you to effortlessly wear your smartphone over your shoulder or carry it in your hand, as you would an ordinary purse. Unfolding the smartphone is an experience in and of itself, as the clasp unlocks the screen with a satisfying click, just like the buckle on your favorite clutch.

HONOR V Purse: A Wearable Photo Studio

Featuring a 50MP IMX800 sensor for the main camera, the HONOR V Purse is a photo studio you can wear. The large screen can double as a fill light to help you take gorgeous portrait shots, or be folded and used as a digital viewfinder that you can see while you snap selfies with the rear cameras.

A two-in-one 12MP ultra-wide and macro camera adds versatility to the powerful main camera, enabling you to capture breathtaking scenic shots and wide group shots that can easily accommodate a large party, as well as extreme closeups that reveal details that often go unnoticed by the naked eye.

Enhanced by HONOR Image Engine, the HONOR V Purse supports 0.6x, 0.8x, 1x and 1.3x digital zoom recreating different portrait styles.

A dedicated Portrait Mode with the option to toggle between 1x and 2x zoom is also available for dedicated portrait photographers.

The AI Skin Color Algorithm on HONOR V Purse intelligently enhances brightness on skin and blurs background light spots to generate bokeh effects, helping you capture studio-grade portraits anytime, anywhere.

7.71 Inches of Impeccable Image Quality

The HONOR V Purse features a state-of-the-art 7.71-inch 2K flexible OLED display that supports a peak brightness of 1,600 nits. Combined with an anti-reflective coating that lets more light pass through to decrease reflection, the bright screen remains vibrant and legible under sunlight.

Additionally, algorithmic optimizations enable the HONOR V Purse’s display to be as dim as two nits to ensure late-night reads are as relaxing for your eyes as they are for your mind.

The HONOR V Purse supports the full range of HONOR eye protection features that consumers have come to love, including 2,160Hz PWM Dimming which virtually removes harmful screen flicker, as well as Dynamic Dimming and Circadian Night Display that minimize the eye fatigue caused by prolonged smartphone usage and the impact of viewing displays late on melatonin secretion for improved sleep quality, respectively.


The HONOR V Purse also features Super Dynamic Vivid Display Technology that enhances the brightness of all objects being displayed. Through graphics processing, images, videos and non-animated UI elements are enhanced individually.

The technology can be applied system-wide or to select app windows to provide greater visual fidelity, displaying content with better dynamic contrast and higher brightness.

To satisfy the higher screen durability requirements for outward folding phones, HONOR designed a multi-tier screen protection solution for the HONOR V Purse.

The device is thoroughly reinforced to withstand everyday wear and tear, with the screen and clasp both tested to survive 200,000 unfolds and unclasps, as well as passing a range of shock and abrasion resistance assessments. Recognized for its reliability, the HONOR V Purse is the first outward folding phone to be accredited with both the 5-star drop resistant for the overall unit and 5-star impact resistant for screen certification from SGS, a world-leading testing, inspection and certification company.

Silicon-carbon Battery

Embedded in the HONOR V Purse, the two Silicon-carbon batteries combine to provide a total of 4,500mAh in battery capacity to keep pace with today’s ever more connected lifestyles.

Integrating HONOR’s pioneering low-voltage charge-gathering technology, the Silicon-carbon cells have redesigned circuitry and a new discharge system to provide 360% more charge compared to traditional graphite-based battery systems and enable the HONOR V Purse to reliably function at low voltages.

The new Silicon-carbon anodes also allow the batteries to be as slim as a name card, and with HONOR’s self-developed battery optimization solution, the HONOR V Purse can offer up to 8.7 hours of video playback or 10.6 hours of continuous article reading or 16 hours online music play with the 7.71-inch 2K display unfolded.

Separate Work from Life with MagicOS 7.2

Ranging from new AOD designs, HONOR Notes, YOYO Suggestions, MagicRing, to new security features and beyond, the all-new MagicOS 7.2 brings a wealth of smart and multi-device connectivity features that are designed to improve the everyday user experience.

Parallel Space, a safe space designed to protect your data security, takes full advantage of the foldable form factor to help you easily and securely separate sensitive work-related apps and data from your personal files and photos. You also have the option to display both your main profile and Parallel Space at once in two separate windows and interact with the two profiles simultaneously for greater convenience.


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