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Global Village Dubai offers multicultural shopping extravaganza

by Staff Reporter
Global Village Dubai shopping

Experience the ultimate shopping extravaganza at Global Village, the UAE and wider region’s leading multicultural family destination for culture, shopping, and entertainment. The park offers the ultimate shopping experience of a lifetime with unique treasures from around the world available at its 27 pavilions, allowing guests to travel the globe and gather the best of over 90 from the convenience of one spot.

Syria, Palestine pavilions Global Village Dubai

Guests can explore the treasures of the Levant at the Syria pavilion, where handcrafted jewellery and traditional game boards can be bought while listening to the joyful shop keepers sing the songs of the land. The Palestine pavilion showcases exquisite craftsmanship with traditional clothing, utensils, and homeware while the Lebanon pavilion invites guests to shop for exquisite jewellery, flavourful pickles, and spices.

India, Pakistan and Afghanistan pavilions

Global Village also brings South Asia to life with the India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan pavilions, where guests can get their hands on everything from jewellery and unique clothing items to spices and high-end carpets.

Japan, China and Korea pavilions

Meanwhile, East Asia is represented by Japan, China and Korea. Fans of the Japanese culture are in for a treat as they are transported into the heart of a traditional market offering teacup and pot sets, dolls, manga memorabilia and authentic matcha tea. The China pavilion promises to delight kids with unique toys while tea-lovers can enjoy a world of authentic tea and its accessories. Self-care enthusiasts can explore the best of K-beauty products at the Korea pavilion.

Africa, Yemen

For intricately handmade cultural artifacts, Africa pavilion offers handwoven baskets, traditional masks and household items. It’s worth noting that it’s also home to some of the best shea butter around. Those with a sweet tooth can shop for the richest of honey in the Yemen Pavilion which also offers a wide array of spices and aromatic herbs.

Americas pavilion

Guests can also discover the rich cultures of North and South America at the Americas pavilion, with unique shopping opportunities and exclusive Peruvian souvenirs, hand-painted kitchen utensils from Mexico, ornaments, and ponchos.

Europe pavilion

A trip to the Europe pavilion can enrich its guests with souvenirs and merchandise from all over the continent. Bonus point, potter-heads can visit the newly launched official Harry Potter store. To discover the treasures of Russia, the country’s pavilion offers traditional Matryoshka Russian dolls, mother-of-pearl jewellery boxes, and ornamental treasures.

Gulf, KSA pavilion

Taking a step into the Gulf, the KSA pavilion offers traditional ornaments, abayas and dates that portray the country’s rich culture and architecture.

UAE pavilion Global Village

Guests can venture through the UAE pavilion, a homage to the rich and strong culture and heritage within the country, which features local artisanal items crafted with traditional symbolism including iconic gifts and souvenirs, handcrafted rugs, pots, baskets, incense, and more.

For a taste of local goods, Global Village proudly supports local businesses and ventures through a variety of pavilions. Guests can explore the Khalifa Foundation pavilion which offers homemade organic perfumes, hand-painted homeware, and customised clothing for all, and finally the “971 from the community” pavilion which allows visitors to experience an array of small local businesses that offer gifts, tasty delights and more.

These are only a few of the endless shopping opportunities that Global Village provides for eager shoppers and homebound travellers. Guests can enjoy their shopping journey while taking advantage of the cultural performances, food, beverage, and entertainment that the park has to offer.


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