Emirates Draw: Turkish national who won 39 times now eyes Dhs15 million prize

by Staff Reporter
Emirates Draw: Turkish national who won 39 times now eyes Dhs15 million prize

Three inspiring remarkable winner stories have achieved success the past week across EASY6, MEGA7, and FAST5, showcasing the different games and prizes available to players worldwide.

Emirates Draw winners

Ali Saeidi from Turkey, Akbar Ali from Kuwait, and Musammil Puthiya Purayil from India have each secured impressive wins, demonstrating the excitement and opportunity that Emirates Draw games offer.

Leading the way is Ali Saeidi from Turkey, who recently won an unbelievable 39 times in one draw last week with EASY6! Ali’s determination has made him a symbol of hope for many players, as he also won 43 times the week before.

With a series of multiple Emirates Draw wins, Ali considers himself a “lucky guy.”

Living in Istanbul and working as the managing director of a logistics company, Ali learnt about Emirates Draw through one of his friends in Dubai 2022 and has been playing regularly since buying multiple tickets per week.

“I consider myself very lucky and winning encourages me to play more,” he says.

Ali plans to set aside a portion of his winnings, amounted to over Dhs30,000, to continue buying tickets and the rest will be spent on travel with his wife and charitable causes.

For the upcoming draws, Ali has his sights set on winning bigger prizes and remains hopeful about winning the Dhs15 million EASY6 Grand Prize soon!

Akbar Ali from Andhra Pradesh

Ali’s story leads to Akbar Ali, from Andhra Pradesh, India and living in Kuwait. Akbar won Dhs 50,000 with FAST5, thanks to his son’s favourite numbers. It’s proof that good luck runs in the family!

“I always watch the Live Draw, but this time I couldn’t as I was busy with some work. When I received the email notification, I thought I won Dhs1000, but when I saw Dhs50,000, I was shocked! So, I rewatched the draw on YouTube to confirm my win,” he states.

Akbar’s wife was the first to hear about his win. “She didn’t believe me at first and thought I was joking,” he shares.

He aims to provide a brighter future for his children through better education. With a message of hope and encouragement to fellow players, he advises, “Keep playing and keep trying!”

Musammil Puthiya Purayil

And then there’s Musammil Puthiya Purayil, a driver from Kerala, India, who couldn’t believe his luck when he won Dhs60,000 with EASY6. Musammil’s win reminds us that dreams really do come true, even when we least expect it.

“It is unbelievable. I don’t know if it’s just a dream, but I plan to pay off some loans for sure,” he expresses.

The winners joined over 3,200 players who won more than Dhs477,000 across all three EASY6, FAST5 and MEGA7 games. The excitement of these wins spread, Emirates Draw continues to offer amazing chances to win big. With every draw, there’s a new opportunity for someone to change their life forever.


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