Five best beaches in Sharjah: Where sand, sun and sea unite

Famous beaches include Al Khan Beach, Al Heera Beach and Corniche Beach

by Tanvir Awan
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Best Beaches in Sharjah

Embark on a journey to explore the charming world of beaches in Sharjah. Curious about the best beach in Sharjah? Look no further, as we uncover nearby beaches that cater to your love for the sea. For those moments when the sun calls you to the waves, the public beaches in Sharjah eagerly await, with Corniche Beach and Al Khan Beach beckoning you with open arms.

And let’s not forget the allure of the new Al Heera Beach – a haven for relaxation and adventure. Are you wondering, “Is there a swimming beach near me?” Rest assured, Sharjah’s new beaches promise refreshing dips and rejuvenating moments. So pack your sunscreen, check the Sharjah open beach timings, and get ready for a beach experience that’s as diverse as it is delightful. The entry of most of the open Sharjah beaches is free.

Best Beaches in Sharjah

Here are the best beaches in Sharjah you should visit at least once in lifetime.

Al Khan Beach Sharjah

Come to Al Khan Beach, located near Sharjah city. It’s a sandy beach, about 600 meters long. You can swim and do water sports here. If you like adventure, there’s a surf school with kayaking, parasailing, surfing, and flyboarding. Or just relax on the sand and enjoy the weather.

Beaches in Sharjah.

Al Khan beach Sharjah

You can also wade in the water, ride a banana boat, or play beach volleyball. Bring kids – there’s a playground with slides. It’s a quick way to enjoy nature with family and friends. Experience the tranquility of the shoreline and the thrill of water activities, all in one place.

Al Khan Beach Timings: 7 AM to 8 PM

Al Khan Beach is a famous Sharjah spot. Nearby, you’ll find the Sharjah Maritime Museum and Sharjah Aquarium. Need to clean up? No worries, there are showers and changing rooms. Freshen up comfortably after your beach time. Nearby is Mamzar Beach too, for more sea fun. Explore these neighboring attractions for a well-rounded coastal adventure. Al Khan Beach Sharjah, with its alluring features and accessible amenities, is your gateway to a day of sun, sea, and exploration.

Sharjah Corniche Beach

Imagine a long, peaceful beach with blue waters. That’s Sharjah Corniche Beach. It’s special because it’s clean and eco-friendly. Many tourists visit – around 30,000 to 50,000 each month. They love its natural beauty and modern facilities.

At this beach, you can relax on soft sand and swim in clear water. The blue flag shows it’s good for the environment. It’s a peaceful place with modern comforts.

Beaches in Sharjah.

Corniche Beach Sharjah

You can have fun here too. Jump into the waves for a swim or soak up the sun. Snorkeling is cool too, exploring underwater worlds. Cold water and hot sun create a nice contrast.

This beach is a gateway to luxury. It leads to great resorts and hotels. There are also cafes and restaurants nearby. Families and friends can enjoy a nice meal with a sea view.

In short, Sharjah Corniche Beach is a blend of calm nature and modern ease. It’s a perfect spot for a good time by the sea.

Al Heera Beach Sharjah

Al Heera Beach is one of the new beaches in Sharjah. Al Heera Beach stretches as the longest shoreline in the city, spanning an impressive 3.5 kilometers along the serene Arabian Gulf. This captivating destination offers not only a vast sandy playground but also a collection of unique experiences and delectable dining choices.

Visitors of Al Hira Beach can revel in a variety of recreational pursuits. With a jogging track, bicycle path, and spacious sports fields, there’s room for everyone to play. Kids can enjoy dedicated play areas while sports enthusiasts can bask in the open air.

At the heart of Al Heera Beach lies the Kota Skate Park, a paradise for thrill-seekers and roller sports enthusiasts. The first professional skate park in Sharjah, it caters to all skill levels. You’ll find tracks for skateboarding, roller skating, scootering, and BMX biking. Safety is paramount, with special tracks for kids.

Beaches in Sharjah.

Al Hira Beach Sharjah.

Al Heera Beach is divided into three unique sections, each with six units. These seamlessly blend with the surroundings, offering picturesque walkways and marinas. Alongside, a variety of restaurants and cafes stand ready to delight your taste buds.

Gazing out from Al Heera Beach, you’re treated to breathtaking Gulf views. Adding to the appeal is a marina that can host more than 100 yachts and boats. Embraced by lush gardens, this marina promises tranquility and charm.

In essence, Al Heera Beach is an enchanting realm of nature, activities, and coastal allure. With its varied offerings and inviting atmosphere, it stands tall as a testament to Sharjah’s dedication to creating a shoreline haven that caters to everyone’s leisurely desires.

Khorfakkan Beach

Nestled in a crescent shape that spans a leisurely 3 kilometers, Khorfakkan Beach presents an endless array of aquatic delights. Whether you’re drawn to fishing, diving, parasailing, or kayaking, this captivating shoreline has it all.

The beach in Sharjah proudly holds a place among the most sought-after Sharjah tourist spots and is a beloved weekend escape within the UAE. Its versatility ensures that travelers of all kinds can find activities to suit their preferences. Even locals find solace in its embrace, trading the routine for a refreshing break from the ordinary Sharjah weather.

The beach’s palm-fringed edges gaze upon shimmering waters, offering a playground both adults and children can revel in. With swing sets and football goalposts dotting the sands, it’s an open invitation to play. Don’t forget to pack a ball for added fun. The outdoor arena truly comes alive in the gentle, refreshing breeze characteristic of Khorfakkan weather.

Beaches in Sharjah

Khorfakkan Beach

Khorfakkan Beach beckons you to explore the water in multiple ways. The clear, welcoming waves are perfect for a relaxing swim, while huts near the corniche center offer boat and jet ski rentals for a more thrilling experience.

If you’re looking to reel in some memories, venture deeper into the waters where several fishing spots promise a hearty catch. For those eager to venture beneath the surface, there’s a world of options.

Sail over the waves, embark on scuba diving adventures, or embrace the serenity of snorkeling around Shark Island—a mere boat ride away from the beach’s edge.

At one end of Khorfakkan Beach stands the Oceanic Resort and Spa, a haven for those seeking a truly immersive experience. This exquisite hotel stands as a pinnacle among the most enchanting tourist spots in the UAE.

The resort beckons with an assortment of water sports and pampering packages, allowing you to craft your perfect retreat. As the sun dips below the horizon, many tourists choose to extend their stay, finding comfort within the resort’s walls. A restful night’s sleep precedes the joy of awakening to the magnificent sunrise painting the waters in hues of gold.

Khorfakkan Beach emerges as a paradise for water enthusiasts, offering a haven of aquatic wonders and a serene escape from the ordinary. Its charm lies not only in the vast array of activities but in its ability to cater to every traveler’s whims. From energetic explorers to those seeking tranquility, this beach provides a canvas upon which you can create your own version of coastal bliss.

Kalba Beach

Embark on a journey to Kalba Beach, one of the best beaches in Sharjah.  The allure lies not only in the glistening sands and pristine waters but in the promise of encountering remarkable wonders. As you recline on the shore, you’re enveloped by an atmosphere of relaxation, heightened by the anticipation of glimpsing rare wildlife.

Kalba Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sharjah which holds a special place in the hearts of tourists seeking solace and natural beauty. It’s more than just a haven for beachgoers; it’s a sanctuary that intertwines with the adjacent Khor Kalba Conservation Reserve.

A verdant mangrove forest teeming with Sharjah’s diverse wildlife adorns the landscape. As you revel in the serenity of the beach, you might just be treated to the sight of rare animals gracing the shores. Among them, the hawksbill turtles find solace here, choosing the beach as an important nesting ground. In fact, this beach stands as the exclusive breeding site for the endangered Arabian-collared kingfisher within the UAE.

As the sun casts its warm embrace over the azure waters, the allure of scuba diving comes alive. It’s a popular summer pursuit that captivates both the young and the young at heart. Children, in particular, find joy in exploring the underwater realms, encountering a symphony of aquatic life. Distinctive from other tourist spots in Sharjah, this beach also offers a unique sight.

Beaches in Sharjah.

Kalba Beach Sharjah

Local fishermen grace the horizon, casting their nets in pursuit of a fruitful catch. Their presence lends an authentic touch, reminding visitors of the symbiotic relationship between the sea and its guardians.

Kalba Beach stands as a tranquil expanse where nature’s beauty and untamed wonders converge. Amidst its shimmering sands and gentle waves, the harmony of relaxation and discovery reigns supreme. Whether you seek a moment of reflection or a chance to witness the marvels of the natural world, this beach presents itself as a canvas upon which memorable experiences are painted.

Kalba Conservation Reserve

Kalba Conservation Reserve unfolds as a realm of wonder, where awe-inspiring landscapes and diverse ecosystems intertwine to create a haven for nature enthusiasts. Within the embrace of Khor Kalba lie three captivating destinations that beckon explorers to immerse themselves in the beauty of Sharjah’s natural tapestry.

At the heart of Khor Kalba stands the Kalba Bird of Prey Centre, a sanctuary that offers an intimate encounter with falconry. Here, you can engage with these majestic birds in their natural habitat, learning about their behaviors and admiring their grace. It’s an experience that connects you with centuries-old traditions and the boundless beauty of these aerial wonders.

The Al Hefaiyah Mountain Conservation Centre awaits, extending an invitation to traverse its many trails. Each path promises a scenic hike, winding through landscapes that resonate with tranquility. As you navigate these trails, you’re rewarded with breathtaking views that span across the horizon, a testament to the unspoiled beauty that Sharjah holds.

For those seeking a moment of reprieve amidst lush greenery, the Al Hafiya Picnic Park beckons. This serene setting is an ideal backdrop for sharing a leisurely meal, surrounded by the splendor of nature. The park’s ambiance encourages relaxation and connection, making it a cherished spot for families and friends to come together.

Kalba Conservation Reserve unfolds its offerings with an array of activities tailored to all ages and interests. Pristine waters await kayaking enthusiasts, offering a journey through the gentle currents that embrace the mangrove forest. If you’re a group seeking adventure or a family with little ones, the shoreline provides spaces where tents can be pitched. Under the starlit canopy of Kalba’s night sky, you can relish the beauty of the outdoors and create memories that will linger.

Kalba embodies the essence of wildlife conservation, a sanctuary where nature and humanity coexist harmoniously. From captivating experiences for kids to enchanting escapades for nature enthusiasts, Kalba offers a spectrum of activities that celebrate the natural world. It’s a destination where every moment unfolds in communion with the earth, a tapestry woven with the threads of discovery and wonder.

FAQs About Beaches in Sharjah

What are some popular public beaches in Sharjah?

Some well-known public beaches in Sharjah include Al Khan Beach, Corniche Beach and Al Heera Beach.

Can you recommend a family-friendly beach near me in Sharjah?

Absolutely, Al Khan Beach and Corniche Beach are great family-friendly options with amenities and play areas.

What can I do at Sharjah open beaches?

Open beaches in Sharjah offer relaxation on soft sand, swimming in clear water, and even snorkeling to explore underwater wonders.

How is Al Heera Beach different from other public beaches?

Al Heera Beach is a newer addition with a long shoreline, offering a mix of leisure and adventure activities, perfect for families and individuals alike.

What unique experiences can I have at Kalba Conservation Reserve’s beaches?

Answer: At Kalba Conservation Reserve, you can engage in kayaking through mangroves, explore nature trails, and even have picnics in lush surroundings, making it a diverse and refreshing escape.

If you have any information to add to this article about the best beaches in Sharjah, please share it in comment section.

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