Airlines issue travel advisory as rains lash UAE

by Staff Reporter
Airlines issue travel advisory as rain lashes UAE

Abu Dhabi and Dubai airports are bracing for potential flight delays as heavy rains lash the UAE. Etihad Airways has alerted passengers that flights could be affected due to the adverse weather conditions expected on April 15-16.

The airline has assured travelers that they will assist those impacted by any disruptions, helping them adjust their travel plans to ensure they reach their final destinations. Passengers are advised to monitor Etihad’s website for updates and to arrive at the airport well in advance of their scheduled flights.


Similarly, flydubai has issued a cautionary statement to passengers traveling through Dubai International (DXB) airport. The airline recommends arriving at the airport at least four hours before departure to accommodate any potential delays caused by the inclement weather.

flydubai continues to monitor the weather closely and is taking steps to minimize disruptions to passengers’ travel schedules. The airline urges travelers to allow extra time for their journeys and to check their flight status on the airline’s website for real-time updates.

Emirates Airline

Despite the challenging weather conditions, Emirates Airline reports that all flights remain on schedule as of Monday evening. However, travelers are advised to plan for extra travel time to reach the airport and complete check-in procedures early for added convenience.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has issued an advisory warning of heavy rains leading to possible flooding and reduced visibility due to strong winds across all seven emirates. The weather is expected to intensify overnight and persist in two waves throughout Tuesday.

Travellers are advised to stay informed and prepared for potential changes to their travel plans during this period of unstable weather.

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