Abu Dhabi to Ahmedabad flights time, schedule announced

IndiGo is set to expand travel connections and fortify ties between India and the Middle East

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Abu Dhabi to Ahmedabad flight time

Indian airline IndiGo has started new Abu Dhabi to Ahmedabad flights starting from August 11, 2023. The airline has also announced Jeddah to Ahmedabad flights.

IndiGo is set to expand travel connections and fortify ties between India and the Middle East with the commencement of two new daily direct flights from Ahmedabad to Abu Dhabi and Ahmedabad to Jeddah.

Starting from August 11, 2023, these strategically planned routes mark yet another milestone in IndiGo’s journey in enhancing international connectivity and meeting the escalating demand for seamless travel experiences.

IndiGo Abu Dhabi to Ahmedabad Flight Time, Schedule

Flight No.       Origin             Destination        Frequency         Effective          Departure    Arrival


6E 075           Ahmedabad     Abu Dhabi                Daily                  August 11, 2023          20:00          21:35


6E 076          Abu Dhabi        Ahmedabad             Daily                  August 11, 2023            22:35          03:10


IndiGo Jeddah to Ahmedabad Flight Time, Schedule

Flight No.       Origin             Destination        Frequency         Effective          Departure       Arrival


6E 91                Ahmedabad        Jeddah                  Daily                     August 11            19:20                 21:55


6E 92                Jeddah                 Ahmedabad        Daily                      August 11            22:55                  06:35

Mr. Vinay Malhotra, Head of Global Sales, IndiGo, said, “As part of our commitment to enhancing accessibility and bridging India with international markets, we are thrilled to announce the commencement of flights between Ahmedabad and two prominent Middle Eastern cities, Abu Dhabi as well as Jeddah.

With the introduction of these flights, IndiGo operates 49 flights a week to Abu Dhabi from 7 cities across India and 35 weekly flights a week to Jeddah from 5 cities in India. These new routes will not only offer travelers increased choices for vacations and business, but also facilitate trade, particularly from Ahmedabad, known for its robust textile industry.

India to UAE Flights

“IndiGo is extremely pleased to enhance flights between India and the UAE as well as the Saudi Arabia. IndiGo continues to deliver on its promise of affordable, on-time, courteous, and hassle-free travel experiences across an unparalleled network.”

The commencement of the Ahmedabad-Abu Dhabi route heralds an exciting era of enhanced travel possibilities, offering travellers unparalleled access to the captivating capital city of the United Arab Emirates.

Abu Dhabi, a dynamic blend of luxury, culture, and modernity, beckons with its iconic landmarks such as the resplendent Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Beyond its architectural marvels and world-class shopping, Abu Dhabi presents a realm of entertainment options, including the exhilarating Ferrari World, the enchanting Warner Bros. World, and the prestigious Abu Dhabi F1 Circuit at Yas Island.

IndiGo’s direct flights between Ahmedabad and Abu Dhabi aim to seamlessly bridge this world of experiences, catering to the diverse needs of both business and leisure travelers.

India to Saudi Arabia Flights

Meanwhile, the Ahmedabad-Jeddah route opens doors to an enchanting blend of tradition and contemporary charm. As the principal gateway for pilgrims heading to Makkah, Jeddah holds immense cultural and religious significance.

IndiGo’s new flight connection from Ahmedabad to Jeddah presents an exciting opportunity for travellers to explore the rich cultural heritage of this vibrant city, fostering deeper connections between India and Saudi Arabia.

The introduction of these new flight connections aligns with the preferences of both business and leisure travellers seeking affordable and flexible travel options.

IndiGo’s seamless and hassle-free services aim to facilitate travel to destinations that foster business prospects and offer captivating tourist experiences.

Customers who wish to plan their travel can book tickets via the official website www.goIndiGo.in.

The introduction of these flights will further bolster the airline’s international connectivity.


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