Here are 8 types of UAE visa options for foreign nationals

by Tanvir Awan
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Here are 8 types of UAE visa options for foreign nationals

In a bid to facilitate residency and work opportunities for foreigners, the UAE has introduced a range of visa types tailored to specific needs and circumstances.

UAE visa options for expats

These visas, administered by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security (ICP), offer pathways for individuals residing within or outside the UAE, including retirees, entrepreneurs, students, and those seeking to bring family members to live with them.

UAE Golden Visa

Ideal for exceptional individuals, including outstanding students, the Golden Visa offers long-term residency and work privileges, enabling holders to reside in the UAE for employment or remote work.

Blue Residence Visa

The blue residence visa  category extends a 10-year residency to retired expatriates, business owners, students, and individuals making noteworthy contributions to environmental conservation efforts.

Various Residence Visas

  • Regular Work Visa: Granted to foreign workers in private and government sectors, as well as free zones.
  • Green Residence Visa (5 years): Tailored for skilled workers.
  • Residence Visa for Domestic Helpers: Specifically for domestic staff.

Residence Visa for Remote Work

Designed for remote workers, this visa permits foreign nationals to legally reside in the UAE while working for an employer based outside the country.

Residence Visa for Retired Expatriates (5 years)

Catering to retirees over 55 years old, this visa category offers a five-year residence permit, subject to specific eligibility criteria.

Green Residence Visa for Business Investors

Entrepreneurs seeking to establish or engage in commercial activities within the UAE can apply for this visa, provided they meet the stipulated requirements.

Study Residence Visa

Tailored for students pursuing education in the UAE, this visa category allows residency for the duration of their studies, with sponsorship options available through resident parents or accredited educational institutions.

Residence Visa for Family Members

Residents holding valid visas, including employees, investors, or business owners, can sponsor family members for residency, subject to salary and housing requirements.The previous profession-based condition has been replaced with a monthly salary threshold of Dhs4,000 or Dhs3,000 with housing provided. Additionally, family members above 18 years old must undergo a medical fitness test as per regulations.

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