Swiss company showcases $30 million golden cube artwork on Burj Al Arab helipad

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Golden cube artwork on Burj Al Arab helipad

In, on and around the impressive and exclusive backdrop of Dubai’s Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, a new chapter in art history opens.

High up on the helipad, a cube of pure 999.9 24-carat gold was on display from Tuesday, Feb.6. This extraordinary work of art is the creation of CAST Studio, a company based in Zug, Switzerland. CAST Studio, founded by Sven Wenzel with Patrick Harmuth as president, is the driving force behind the innovative technology platform CAST Studio, which operates under the umbrella of HoGA Capital AG.

CAST Studio’s business model builds a bridge between the traditional art world and the new world of blockchain technologies. The aim is to set completely new standards in the promotion and digitalisation of art.

Golden cube artwork on Burj Al Arab helipad

Together with ARTIADE, CAST Studio connects international artists with top companies to create blue chip NFTs. A very interesting project was launched in January 2024 and will be published in mid-March this year. Unique snow figures were created in the ISCHGL ski resort in collaboration with LEGO® Group, which will be saved for eternity as NFTs.

These NFTs will be available on the specially developed CAST Launchpad and the associated cryptocurrency $CAST (Castello Coin). The innovative blockchain technology ensures that artists are remunerated in real time during sales. Furthermore, the artists will share in the success of the NFT collection for life via the transparent technology.

“The Castello Cube is an impressive reflection of CAST Studio’s vision and embodies our deep commitment to art and art promotion,” emphasises Sven Wenzel from CAST Studio. “This unique contemporary artefact stands as a symbol created explicitly for all artists in the world to realise their ideas with CAST Studio and share them with the world.”

Golden cube artwork on Burj Al Arab helipad

The next four days will break down mental boundaries: Between aesthetics and logic, between earth and sky. Together with its partners Deutsche Lufthansa AG, BMW, Hartmann Tresore (Safes), ARTIADE, AO Creative / AO Drones, THE PLOOSHIES, BARTA and curator Marcus Schaefer, CAST Studio is building bridges between apparent opposites and – above all – between people.

The “Night of the Dragon” impressively demonstrates this on February 10: an invitation to celebrate and be amazed on occasion of the Chinese New Year. This unprecedented art spectacle marks the highlight of the multi-day art installation.

Spectacular drone show: Night of the Dragon

Using state-of-the-art technology, 1500 high-end LED drones will be deployed to gracefully lift a spectacular dragon from Jumeirah Beach and guide it in a 360-degree spiral around the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah.

To make this happen, AO’s experts have developed advanced drone technology that allows them to fly seamlessly around a building without losing radio communication for the first time. This unprecedented spectacle will result in a display of the Golden Cube made of drones right next to the real cube on the helipad and three high-powered lasers that will be visible throughout the Emirate and even from space. “We are proud to be able to realise such a drone show in Dubai. Our entire team from different nations is really pushing the technological limits here,” explains Jan Ising, Creative Director, AO Multimedia & Drones.

Preview: Artiade – Olympics of Art 2024 in New York

In the coming days, CAST Studio will find an extraordinary stage in Dubai to present the diversity and significance of its position in the world of art and blockchain technology. This kick-off event primarily intends to attract attention for the Artiade – Olympics of Art, which will take place in Manhattan New York from September 28 to October 12, 2024.


More than 600 artists from over 60 nations are expected to attend.  Since 1996, the ARTIADE has not only served as a stage for established artists, but also as a platform for up-and-coming talents from all over the world. Registration has already begun for artists.

The internationally renowned curator of the event in Dubai, Marcus Schaefer, sums it up as follows: “Art is a universal language that connects people across borders. We are currently experiencing another paradigm shift here, in which art and art promotion also transcend the boundaries between analogue and digital, tradition and innovation. What always remains central to everything: We want to create special moments and make the world a little more beautiful.”

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