Etihad Airways adds new routes, increases flights for travellers

by Staff Reporter
Etihad Airways adds new routes

Etihad Airways, Abu-Dhabi based national airline, has enhanced connectivity with the launch of flights to three strategic destinations.

On September 28, the airline commenced its inaugural services to Dusseldorf, Germany (DUS), signifying a significant step in its growth strategy. Following this, on the next day, Etihad initiated flights to Copenhagen, Denmark (CPH), and then Osaka, Japan (KIX) on October 1.

Simultaneously, Etihad Airways has responded to the increasing demand of its passengers by announcing increased frequencies to two sought-after destinations: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (KUL), and Colombo, Sri Lanka (CMB).

Etihad Airways New Destinations

These new flight routes and added frequencies are part of a comprehensive strategy to meet the growing demand for travel to Abu Dhabi and to further enhance connectivity within Etihad’s expanding global network.

To complement these developments, Etihad has made several recent network changes and frequency adds to enhance travel options and connectivity. Highlights include:

Improved Departure Times: Enhanced passenger convenience with adjusted departure times for European and Asian destinations.

Expanded Frequencies: Increased regularity to Chennai (MAA), Colombo (CMB) Islamabad (ISB), Kochi (COK), Kuala Lumpur (KUL), Madrid (MAD), Milan (MXP), Munich (MUC), Rome (FCO), and Phuket (HKT) offer travellers more choice while improving travel options and connectivity.

  • Cairo (CAI): An additional 5 flights per week to make triple daily operations to Cairo, effective from 1 Jan, strengthening the link between Abu Dhabi and the Egyptian capital.
  • Colombo (CMB): 7 direct flights per week with 3 flights effective from 1 Dec and 4 flights effective from 1 Jan,increasing to 10 per week from May 2024, further enhancing travel options to this destination.
  • Kuala Lumpur (KUL): Double daily from 15 Jan, 2024
  • Maldives (MLE): An additional 7 flights per week, with 3 flights effective from 1 Dec and 4 flights effective from 1 Jan.

Etihad Airways Flights From Abu Dhabi

DestinationsChangeTotal FrequencyStart Date
DusseldorfNew route3 per week28 September 2023
CopenhagenNew route4 per week29 September 2023
OsakaNew route5 per week1 October 2023
LisbonExtended year-round3 per week29 October 2023
St PetersburgNew route3 per week29 October 2023
KozhikodeNew route7 per week1 January 2024
ThiruvananthapuramNew route7 per week1 January 2024
BostonNew route4 per week31 March 2024
Chennai+7 per week21 per week15 September 2023
Frankfurt+4 per week11 per week29 October 2023
Rome+4 per week11 per week4 November 2023
AmsterdamRetimed7 per week21 November 2023
Kochi+8 per week21 per week21 November 2023
Madrid+3 per week10 per week21 November 2023
Milan+3 per week10 per week21 November 2023
Munich+3 per week10 per week21 November 2023
Phuket+7 per week14 per week21 November 2023
MoscowRetimed7 per week1 December 2023
Cairo+5 per week21 per week1 January 2024
Colombo7 direct per week

10 direct per week

7 per week

10 per week

1 January 2024

May 2024

Islamabad+2 per week14 per week1 January 2024
Maldives (Male)+7 per week14 per week1 January 2024

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