Baros Maldives raises awareness about ocean conservation

The resort remains fully committed to ocean conservation

by Staff Reporter
Baros Maldives raises awareness about ocean conservation

Baros Maldives has launched a new online information hub to raise awareness about the fragility of the marine environment and shine a spotlight on the island’s sustainable tourism programmes.

The resort remains fully committed to ocean conservation, having been actively engaged in combating the adverse effects that rising water temperature has on coral since 2006.

Baros Maldives

The island resort employs a range of techniques to promote coral growth, including transplanting broken fragments into nursery-like pools, hanging coral from suspended lines in the blue lagoon, and the renowned Baros coral cube planting programme. Guests are invited to participate through sponsoring coral frames complete with name tags and love notes, personalised as they wish; an incredible 458 frames have been placed to date.

To mark its upcoming 50th anniversary celebrations in December, the Divers Baros Maldives team, or “Baros Underwater Ambassadors,” have shared their favourite underwater stories, highlighting the island’s sustainability initiatives and offering other valuable insights.

Marine ecosystem

Through the newly launched hub, the ambassadors aim to spread awareness of the importance of marine conservation. They present a diverse range of information on the marine ecosystem, its interconnectedness, and the natural balance that can easily be disrupted by human behaviour.

The dedicated webpage section features entertaining short stories about marine flora and fauna, anecdotes about resident marine creatures such as the story of Finny, the unique resident black-tipped shark, and the natural order of all things underwater. The stories touch on do’s and don’ts whilst snorkelling and diving and provide readers with information on current sustainability movements.

Incredible underwater world

Guests at Baros are invited to delve deeper into these topics with the team, and explore the beauty and serenity of the incredible underwater world surrounding the beautiful island whilst snorkeling or diving at the world-class Baros house reef or beyond.

Alongside its dedication to protecting the underwater world, Baros has numerous eco-friendly practices in place to reduce its environmental impact, such as replacing plastic straws with paper ones, banning plastic bags, and using only refillable, multi-use glass bottles.

Baros is committed to the concept of sustainable tourism, will continue to take strides in serving the environment and protecting its precious surroundings.

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