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Avoid driving when you are drowsy, Dubai RTA warns motorists

by Staff Reporter
Avoid driving when you are drowsy, Dubai RTA warns motorists

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) called on motorists to avoid driving when they are exhausted or drowsy, especially during the Holy Month of Ramadan, when motorists’ attentiveness drops due to changes in eating and sleeping habits.

The RTA cautioned drivers in response to the tendency of diminished concentration of some drivers due to the physical changes from fasting during this sacred month. To counteract this, Authority is launching an awareness campaign to provide important driving tips throughout Ramadan, which is part of its annual traffic awareness activities based on Dubai’s traffic safety strategy.

The RTA calls upon drivers to embody the Holy Month’s spirit by improving their conduct on the roads. This includes observing traffic laws and respecting other road users’ rights.

A study commissioned by the German Road Safety Council and published in 2020 revealed that a five-second doze-off behind the wheel is akin to driving blind for over 180 metres or more.

Throughout 2023, RTA embarked on an extensive campaign to enhance traffic safety and carried out more than 270 awareness events targeting the community. These events were part of the traffic safety strategy, which is anchored in the principle that “every human life is unique and irreplaceable.”

Dubai’s Traffic Safety Strategy

These measures have contributed to Dubai’s Traffic Safety Strategy achieving the targets and metrics, notably the remarkable reduction in traffic-related fatalities by approximately 93 per cent from 2007 to 2023. This achievement has positioned Dubai among the leading cities globally in traffic safety.

In collaboration with Dubai’s Ministry of Interior and other traffic safety stakeholders, the RTA approved numerous awareness activities for the Holy Month of Ramadan. The objective is to disseminate safety and guidance messages to the widest audience possible. These messages will be spread through various channels, including field activities and social media platforms of the RTA and traffic awareness stakeholders.

The RTA printed banners at the entrances of Iftar tents across Dubai carrying awareness messages to pedestrians and drivers. Thousands of awareness leaflets have also been printed and included with Iftar meals distributed to target groups such as Dubai taxi and public bus drivers, truck drivers, and other road users.

These measures were taken in collaboration with various government and private entities including the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai, Damac Properties, Tokyo Marine Insurance Company, Bin Yaber Driving Institute, and Tristar Company.


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