Wego signs pact to promote Hong Kong as leading travel destination

by Staff Reporter
Wego to promote Hong Kong as leading travel destination

Wego, the largest online travel marketplace in MENA (Middle East and North Africa), has announced a strategic partnership with the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) with the goal of positioning Hong Kong as a leading global travel destination.

Wego is eager to collaborate with HKTB to highlight Hong Kong’s distinct attractions, cultural richness, and modern allure. The Hong Kong Tourism Board eagerly welcomes this collaboration, recognizing Wego’s expansive reach and user-friendly platform as instrumental in highlighting the allure and distinctiveness of Hong Kong.


From its seamless fusion of modernity and tradition to the plethora of experiences – be it the iconic skyscrapers and bustling markets or the serene landscapes and exquisite cuisine – Hong Kong captivates travellers with its diversity.

In expressing his anticipation for the collaboration, Mamoun Hmedan, Chief Business Officer of Wego, commented, “Embarking on this exciting venture with the Hong Kong Tourism Board allows us to showcase the extraordinary offerings of this world-class destination. Wego’s commitment to inspiring and facilitating travel experiences aligns seamlessly with our goal of presenting Hong Kong’s diverse tapestry to a global audience. This partnership underscores our joint dedication to promoting exceptional destinations and curating unforgettable journeys.”

Utilizing Wego’s digital platform, the co-marketing initiative will spotlight Hong Kong’s key attractions, provide insider travel tips. This collaboration aims to position Hong Kong as the ultimate destination for travellers in search of a harmonious blend of culture, innovation, and unparalleled experiences.


Puneet Kumar, Director, South Asia and Middle East of Hong Kong Tourism Board said: “We are excited to partner with Wego Middle East in creatively presenting Hong Kong to all travel enthusiasts in the GCC. Hong Kong has become more accessible for GCC nationals with improved daily air connectivity and visa-free travel. We’re excited to welcome guests from the GCC who will be delighted with our vibrant and diverse city offerings – from world class museums and historic architecture to brand-new attractions, incredible dining, shopping, nightlife; and beyond the iconic skyline, refreshing hiking experiences in beautiful green outdoor landscapes.”

Confident in the strategic impact of this partnership, the Hong Kong Tourism Board anticipates significant contributions to the region’s tourism goals and positive economic growth. Together, Wego and the Hong Kong Tourism Board are poised to present Hong Kong as a compelling must-visit destination, inviting travellers to immerse themselves in its dynamic cityscape and rich cultural heritage.


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